Creating & Sending Invoices

Invoices are a billing tool that enables you to collect payments for custom requests, such as tailor-made experiences, corporate or private events, and charging additional costs that occurred after the initial booking. 

When you send an Invoice using AnyRoad, your guests can pay online with no further effort on your end. You can access the Invoices tool directly from your AnyRoad Dashboard, as shown below:  


Sending an Invoice takes no time. Make sure you have the following details::
  • Your guest's email address
  • Your guest's first and last name
  • The proposed start date
  • The total price you need to charge

Follow these steps when sending Invoices: 

  1. Login to your AnyRoad account 
  2. Go to Invoices tab
  3. Click on + Create Invoice at the top
  4. Fill out the blank fields with your guest's information and experience details

A Send button will appear, next to the Save draft button. Press Send to submit the invoice to your guests.   


There are several configurations you can apply to your Invoices, depending on what was agreed with the guest. 

These include: 


You can collect up to 50% of the total cost before the experience. To do so, click on More Details and provide the percentage of the total cost you would like to charge in advance. By default, the remaining balance will be collected 7 days before the experience.  

Service Fee 

You can select who will absorb the service fee on each invoice you send. If you choose to cover the fees, your guests will only pay the experience cost. If you choose to pass the fee to your guests, they will see the price breakdown in their invoice and will need to cover both costs. Alternatively, you can include the fee into the total price and select to cover the fee yourself if you do not want to show the price breakdown on your invoices. 

Experience Details

You can provide more information on the requested experience by clicking on More Details. This will show a second page of your invoice where you can provide a title for the experience, the location, a start time, the agreed number of guests, as well as enable the deposit option outlined previously. 


You can include more information or instructions to your guest in their confirmation email such as directions to reach your location, items to bring along, or any important safety instructions. To do so, click on Notes / Itinerary, after clicking on More Details

After configuring your invoice details, press the Send button. Your guests will receive an email shortly after along with an outline of the invoice details and a payment link to complete their booking. All invoice payments are made from a secure, single-use, encrypted AnyRoad page. 

Here is a sample guest Invoice Email: 


Right after completing their payment details. your guests will receive a confirmation email, very similar to an online booking confirmation email. The only addition is the Notes/Itinerary message if you gave additional details when creating the invoice. 

Find out more information about managing your invoices after sending them to your guests. 

Important Note: If you need to send an invoice while on-the-go, you can send the following details to and we will generate and send an invoice for you to your guests. 

  • Guest Email
  • Guest First and Last Name
  • Start and End Date/Time
  • Total Price
  • Service Fee Covering Preference
  • Cancellation Policy

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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