New Advanced Features Explained

We try to keep things as simple as possible for our partners, that’s why we have a dedicated customer experience team assisting you to enable and update any advanced settings and features you need.

Please, contact us by email at or use the live chat window on the bottom right corner of your AnyRoad dashboard if you are interested in any upgrades, we’re happy to assist!

Some of the features we added and continuously improve include:

Custom Questions

This feature allows you to collect custom information from your guests when they book, like where to pick them up or other special requirements. That's where Custom Questions comes handy!
The questions can be either required to complete the booking or automatically asked of guests once their booking is confirmed through the confirmation email. Post-booking questions are sent as a Google questionnaire and are fully customizable, but not mandatory to be completed. 

We use them mostly for "nice to have" information like "Are you interested in learning about other tours?" or "What are the names of the children on the tour?".

Below is a preview of what Custom Questions look like.

Please note that these fields can also be set to optional!

However, if there is something very important you need to know to prepare for the tour, it is recommended to keep the questions as minimal as possible. Generally, every step you add to the booking process makes people less likely to complete it. We encourage you to put some thought into what you really need to know.

Support for Waivers and Terms & Conditions

This feature allows you to require guests to agree to necessary paperwork when booking. We now also offer the option to have your guests sign your waiver, terms & conditions, or any other necessary paperwork during the booking process. 

One less thing you have to worry about when your customers arrive! Quick easy and paperless.

Please note that the entire text in this section, as well as the attached information, can be fully customized to your needs.

Pricing per Vehicle / Unit

Offer pricing based on different units like ATVs and Motorcycles? Need to customize your pricing for different units because number of ‘guests’ doesn’t really fit your business model? 

No problem, we can set it to anything you want! Your guests will be able to book ATVs, paddle boats, Go Karts or whatever unit you need it to be.

You can still add extra options for additional guests and other add-ons as necessary.

Improved Design for Multiple Time Slots

New, better way for guests to choose from different time slots. Ideal if you have lots of time slots available, but don’t want your booking page to look messy.

Now, if you have more than 6 slots per date they will pop into a neat drop-down menu. If you do custom tours and want to offer a lot of different times, it’s easier now.

Personalized Invoices

Invoices now include your logo! We added your logo to the AnyRoad invoice payment page to give your customers a more branded experience.

Simply upload your company logo or image to your "Settings" tab on your AnyRoad Dashboard and it will appear on the payment page when your customers make payments.

Booking Slots on Calendar View

Easily see your bookings and availability on the calendar.

You now have a neat overview of available and booked spots per tour on your booking calendar view for any tour that has a minimum of 1 booking.


Currency Display Options

This feature offers you the option to display your prices in a fixed currency, regardless of where your guests are located.

Want to show your prices in the same currency all over the world? Our prices are usually automatically shown in the local currency of the country the guest is visiting your website from. We have found that it helps people to understand the pricing better but if you prefer to display prices in a specific currency for any reason, you now have the option to do that as well. Just let us know!

Set Pickup & Drop-Off Options

You can now indicate if your tour includes transportation or not in the tour settings.

Want to let your customers know that pick up and drop off is included in the tour price? You can now change the setting on your dashboard. Click on " Tours" → select "Edit Tour" for the tour you would like to adjust → you will find yourself on the "About the tour" tab where you can include transport.

This information will also be displayed on the booking page under the " At a Glance" section:

Your customers will be prompted to tell you about their pickup location when completing the booking. With the new “Custom Questions” feature we can also make answering the question mandatory if you need to have this information before the tour.

Manually Adding Bookings to Calendar

Just a friendly reminder that we added a very useful feature a little while ago that lets you add bookings to your calendar manually. It allows you add bookings that come in through channels other than your website, such as walk-ins or over the phone requests conveniently to your calendar to have them all in one place. And that’s not all, these guests will receive confirmations emails and booking reminders and all other services just like your website bookings. Here’s how!

Please,  contact us if you’re interested in any of these new features, we are happy to set them up for you!

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