How To Add Bookings Manually

fIt's easy to add bookings to AnyRoad yourself, whether they come from walk-ins, phone conversations or elsewhere. You can take payment immediately via credit/debit card or cash, or collect payment later. Like all AnyRoad bookings, you can send confirmation emails, message guests and reschedule as needed.

It's free to add new bookings to your AnyRoad Calendar! Only if you choose to collect a payment via credit/debit card, a 10% service fee applies.

Click the "+ New Booking" button

In the top right corner of your Dashboard

You can create a booking for a New/Custom tour or for one of your existing experiences.

Custom Tours - Adding The Booking Details

The first step is specifying the total number of guests and requested start date and time. Then, you'll need to specify the total duration of the activity and finally the price. 

For free tours, simply enter "0" in the Total Price and click the "Continue" button. For paid tours, choose the currency you prefer and add the total price for the requested activity. Click "Continue" when you're ready to enter the guest details and save the booking.

Existing Tours - Adding The Booking Details

Similarly to Custom Tours, the first step after selecting the activity you want to add a booking for is specifying the total number of guests and choosing one of the available time slots. The booking price will automatically calculate based on the number of guests you've chosen and the pricing associated with the tour. 

Click "Continue" when you're ready to enter the guest details and save the booking.

Adding The Guest Information

Adding a name and an email address is mandatory to save the booking. Your guests will automatically receive personalized confirmation and reminder emails. Adding a phone number is optional if you'd like your guest to receive a reminder text message 3 days before the tour.

Choosing Payment Type

There are several ways you can record and take payment:

  • Already Paid - If you already received payment for the booking elsewhere
  • Credit/Debit Card - Take payment now via AnyRoad's secure credit/debit card processor (a 10% service fee applies). If your tour has a deposit set, the deposit will be collected now and the remaining balance will be charged automatically before the tour.
  • Cash/Other - Full payment accepted as cash, check (or by other means). Booking will be saved as "Paid in full".
  • Not Now - Skip payment for now. Booking will be saved as "Unpaid". You can always collect and record payment at a later time via cash or credit/debit card.

For set tours the cancellation policy associated with the tour automatically applies, while for custom tours you can select a different policy per booking. Click "Continue to Billing Information" if you want to collect payment online.

Entering Billing Details - Credit/Debit Card Bookings

If you want to collect a payment via AnyRoad's secure credit/debit card processor a 10% service fee will apply. You have the option to add a discount code if needed. Please contact us to set up any discount codes you need.

Collect Payment Later - Unpaid Bookings

If you select the "Not Now" option your booking will be saved as " Unpaid", but you will easily be able to collect payment later by clicking on the "Take Payment" button under the booking details.

You can choose to collect payment via credit/debit card or via cash. Once you process the payment method and save, your booking will be updated to " Paid".

Sending a Confirmation Email

Confirmation and reminder emails are automatically sent to your guest for all bookings processed via credit/debit card. For all other bookings, you can choose whether to send a confirmation and reminder email or not.

For credit/debit card bookings, the payment is processed immediately. If you chose to send a confirmation email, your guests will immediately receive a confirmation as well as a reminder email 3 days before the tour. 

Your booking is confirmed and saved! It will automatically appear in your booking list and AnyRoad Calendar

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