Accept and Decline Booking Requests

After you activate the AnyRoad Plugin, there are two ways to accept booking requests:

  • Manually accept each booking request yourself
  • Automatically accept bookings based on live availability

By default, every experience that you publish is set to manually accept booking requests. Read more details on how to change the way bookings are accepted.

Manually Accepting Booking Requests

Manually accepting or declining bookings works well for experiences where you want to review each booking first or have additional communication with guests before accepting. It can also be useful for experiences where you want to allow additional requests for a slot, even if it is fully booked.

When a guest requests a booking, they enter their credit/debit card information, and an authorized hold is placed on their card for the booking amount or deposit. When the booking is accepted, the guest's card is charged the full amount and the funds are collected. If you decline a booking, the temporary hold is released and there is no charge to the guest's card.

Credit/debit card holds are valid for 7 days. If the booking request is not accepted or declined within 7 days, the booking request expires and the hold is automatically released. An automated email is sent to your guest informing them that the booking was declined. These bookings appear on your Booking List as Expired.

Every time a new booking request is received, you are notified via email, text message, and in your Dashboard. You can respond to booking requests on your computer, phone, or even via text message.

Guest Booking Experience

When a guest visits one of your experiences on the AnyRoad Plugin, they are asked to select the number of people in their group, the desired start date, and experience time. They then need to click on the Request Booking button to proceed to the Checkout Page, where their details including payment information are stored and an authorization hold on their credit/debit card is placed for the booking amount or deposit. 

Once your guests submit their booking request, the confirmation page lets them know that the booking has not been confirmed until it has been accepted by partners. Guests also receive an email confirming their booking request and informing them that a response will be sent to them within 24 hours. 

Getting Notified

Notification about a new booking request is sent via three methods:

  • Email - you receive a Booking Request email to the email address in your account as soon as the booking request is submitted
  • Text Message - you receive a text message if you have enabled this setting on your account
  • AnyRoad Dashboard - you see a new booking request in your Dashboard

As soon as a guest submits a booking request, you receive a new Booking Request email with the booking details including any comments the guest submitted. You can accept, decline, or reschedule the booking directly from this email via your computer or mobile phone. 

Text Message

If you have the SMS notifications enabled on your account, you will receive a text message notifying you about the booking request. You can accept or decline the booking directly by simply replying to the text message.

If you would not like to receive Text Messages for booking requests, you can turn that setting off in your Account Settings.


When you receive a new booking request, a notification appears in your Dashboard above New Booking Requests and on the left-hand menu next to Bookings.

Accepting Booking Requests

Besides accepting bookings directly from email or text messages, you can accept, decline, and reschedule booking requests from your Dashboard. 

  1. Click on Bookings on the left-hand menu. Booking Requests appear at the top of the list view under Pending.
  2.  They also appear on the calendar view with an orange color highlight.

  3. Select the booking to see the details. The Booking Request includes guest information, price summary, and guest comments. You can expand the price summary (blue down arrow next to total) to see the pricing details.  

  4. Choose one of the three options below:
    • Accept - When you accept a booking, the guest's credit/debit card is immediately charged the total booking amount and we collect the funds. Both you and your guest receive a Booking Confirmation email and the booking changes to a confirmed status. If there is a deposit on the experience, the deposit is collected and the remaining balance is scheduled to be automatically charged to the same credit/debit card before the experience.
    • Decline - When you decline a booking, we release the credit/debit card held on the guest's card and there is no guest charge. Your guest receives an email letting them know their booking request was declined. The booking changes to declined status.
    • Reschedule - If you would like to reschedule the booking for another time, please firstly agree with the guest. Once agreed, you can simply change the time of the booking and then accept the booking for the new time. To do that, you can click on More, then on Edit Booking, and you can change the Start Date and Start Time of the booking. 


      Once the booking request is accepted, the guest's credit/debit card is immediately charged and the guest receives a confirmation email with the new time. When rescheduling, please be sure to accept the booking within 7 days otherwise the credit card hold will be released, and the booking will expire.

      On a pending booking, you can also send a message to the guest and edit the guest's information by clicking on More

      Once accepted, a Pending Request changes to a Confirmed Booking. The payment status will change to Paid, or Deposit Paid in case you require deposits.

Automatically Accepting Bookings

Automatically accepting bookings is a reliable and easy way to accept booking requests without having to worry about overbooking and accepting booking requests. 

Before enabling automatic bookings, be sure to set the correct maximum capacity for your experiences. Bookings will be automatically accepted up to your maximum capacity. When the capacity fills for a certain timeslot, that timeslot is no longer available to book online. You can also adjust the maximum capacity for individual timeslots yourself.

For automatically accepted bookings, when guests book your experience online, they enter their credit/debit card information and are immediately charged the total booking amount or deposit when they submit the booking. The confirmation page informs guests that the booking has been confirmed and that they should receive an email confirming their booking.

Getting Notified

Every time a booking is automatically accepted for one of your experiences, you are informed in the same ways as in the Manually accepted bookings:

  • Email
  • Text Message (if you don't want to receive text messages, you can turn that setting off in your Account Settings)
  • AnyRoad Dashboard 

If you get a lot of automatic bookings and would prefer not to receive the confirmation emails, we can enable selective confirmation emails for you. This means that instead of receiving all the confirmation emails, you will only receive the ones where a guest adds a comment or a question when they submit their booking. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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