Managing Your Bookings

Your AnyRoad Calendar provides a summary of all your scheduled experiences, confirmed bookings, pending booking requests and blocked booking slots. 

You can search for any booking or guest, manage your day-to-day operations and communicate with your guests all in one place. AnyRoad is mobile friendly too! You can manage your bookings from your iPad or mobile phone just as easily!

Here is a list of a few useful booking management tools:

AnyRoad Dashboard

Shows a summary of your unread messages, new booking requests, and upcoming tours. You can also quickly create invoices for custom experiences or add new tours, which are automatically synced with your online availability.


1. List View

On the Bookings tab (on the left-hand menu) you can access all your scheduled, past and pending bookings. The Showing as list option provides an overview of all your bookings in a list format. 

You can also filter this list to see only active, expired, canceled, past or declined bookings. Expired bookings are the bookings that were requested by guests, but were never accepted or declined by you. 

2. Calendar View

Choosing the Show on Calendar option at the top will enable you to see your bookings in a calendar view. You can also select the calendar view to be your default view. Simply let your account manager know which view you use most (daily, weekly or monthly) and your account will be configured accordingly.

The green color indicates confirmed bookings, while orange indicates a pending booking request. You can also see the number of guests associated with the booking and the total number of available slots (e.g. 3/5).

The filters on the top left corner of your calendar allow you to sort bookings and slots by status, to find the experiences or reservations you are looking for quicker and easier.

You can also toggle between month, week or day views to narrow down your booking results.

On mobile, your calendar looks a bit different. The green dots indicate at least 1 confirmed booking and the orange dots indicate a pending booking. You can also view your bookings for a specific day by simply clicking on that date.

Private Bookings & Public Tours

If a tour is set as a Group/Public Tour (where you accept multiple bookings for a certain time slot), when you click into a booking you'll see a summary of all the bookings associated with that time slot. You can also see the Total Spots, based on the maximum capacity set for the tour, the Confirmed bookings, and the Open spots.

You can also: 

  • Adjust the number of Total Spots available - Learn more here
  • View and print the Tour Manifest - Learn more here
  • Click into an individual booking to see the booking details

Individual Bookings

When you click into a booking you see the details associated with that booking, including:

  • The booking status (pending, confirmed, canceled, taken, declined, expired)
  • The date the booking was created
  • The source of the booking (online, invoice, added by you)
  • Guest name, email and phone number
  • Payment status (unpaid, deposit paid, paid in full)
  • Payment type (AnyRoad, credit/debit card, cash/other, none)
  • Total booking amount
  • Guest comments submitted when your guest booked
  • Your internal notes

You can see the price breakdown, your cancellation policy for that booking and your transaction history by clicking on the green down arrow next to the Total price. This is also where you'll see the answers guests provide to any additional questions you've added to your checkout.

Here you can also:

  • Reschedule the booking - Learn more here
  • Cancel the booking - Learn more here
  • Add more guests or remove guests from the booking - Learn more here
  • Send a message to your guest
  • Edit guest information
  • Resend confirmation email
  • Add a private note

Edit Booking Button

Clicking on the Edit Booking button will allow you to edit the tour's booking details such as adjusting the number of guests, updating the start date and/or the start time. The best part is that you can automatically charge the additional amount or refund your guests in two easy clicks.

Send Message Button

Clicking on the Send Message button will pop out a window where you can write and send an email to your guest. Learn more about guest emails here.

More Button

Clicking on the More... button will offer you several options, such as resending the confirmation email, editing the guest booking or canceling the booking.

You can click on Edit guest information to change your guest's name, email or phone number and then resend the booking confirmation email, by clicking on Resend confirmation email

If you'd like your guests to receive booking emails, be sure to include their email address (it's required for all credit/debit card bookings). Including a phone number will enable your guests to receive an SMS reminder 3 days before the tour, but it's optional for all bookings. If you update email or phone, future emails and text messages will be sent to the new email and phone number.

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