Experience Manifest

To access and download your experience Manifest go to your Dashboard > Bookings > Calendar. Click on the Manifest download icon and follow the prompts, as outlined below. 

You can download a manifest for an individual time slot, by going to your Bookings tab and selecting the specific time slot you need:

To download a full day's manifest just go to your Bookings, filter by day and click on the icon below:

You can also access the manifest from your Dashboard, on computer or mobile, and quickly download any Manifest:

Just follow the prompts to download the manifest of your choice, by selecting date and experiences to include:

Your tour manifest will open up in your browser but since it is in a PDF format you can easily print it, download it and/or share it:

Tour Manifests include:

  • Guest name, email and phone number
  • Total number of guests booked
  • Total amount paid
  • Add-ons per booking
  • Notes submitted by guests when they booked
  • Your internal notes

Advanced Tip: You can change the PDF format into a downloadable CSV file by simply changing "pdf" to " csv " in the URL link. A CSV file may be useful, for example, if you want to export the list of customers into another system to send a mass email.

Resource Portal:

Unique Resource Portals are now live! This new feature assigns a unique URL for every partner/instructor, which lets them see all their upcoming classes and bookings in real-time. 

To use this feature, you need to have Resources enabled. Click here to learn more about Resources and how they work.

Useful notes on Resource Portals:

  • The unique link for each resource is available on your Dashboard and can be shared individually. It never changes and it's always updated in real-time. No login is required to access it and it includes the company name and the resource first name (see example above). 
  • You can customize the company name in the URL. Just get in touch with our Support Team or your Account Manager to set that up. 
  • The manifest link includes all booked tours and timeslots each resource is assigned to, and it shows the number of bookings (including timeslots with 0 bookings).
  • Each booking showing in the manifest includes details like the booking ID, add-ons purchased, answers to questions on checkout, guest messages from the booking, and any internal notes you added.
  • All manifests are optimized for mobile.
  • AnyRoad's Customer Support is available via the manifest.

If you have any additional questions, please, contact us via email at support@anyroad.com.

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