Managing Calendar and Availability

In your AnyRoad Dashboard, you can make small adjustments to your availability that only affect certain days. You can:

Apply Calendar Filters to Find Specific Slots Quickly

Whether you want to get an overview of bookings for one specific experience or you need to block off some unbooked slots, calendar filters help you to find what you are looking for faster. Use this tool to filter results and make calendar adjustments quickly.

The filters are located on the top left corner of your Calendar tab and allow you to sort bookings and scheduled slots by status (Booked, All Scheduled, or Blocked) and/or experience.

Adjust Number of Available Spots for a Specific Time

In your Calendar, you can also edit the total capacity of a specific slot. Navigate to the slot from your Dashboard calendar. In the booking summary view, you will see the total Capacity of the slot, all the confirmed bookings, the pending ones (if there are any), and the number of confirmed spots. You can change the capacity by clicking on Edit.     


Adjust the number of open spots available for that specific time by clicking + or - signs. The new availability will be immediately reflected on your website booking page and will only affect this individual time slot.    


If you would like to adjust the total spots on any of your unbooked experiences, make sure to use the All Scheduled calendar filter to find slots that are scheduled but not yet booked. If for any reason you would like to block a specific slot from appearing online, you need to first find that slot in the calendar view. Then, you will see a button that allows you to Block All Availability without having to remove all available spots. Kindly note that this option is not available for slots with confirmed or canceled bookings.  


IMPORTANT NOTE: You might occasionally notice that the number of Confirmed Spots and the number of Open Spots does not equal the Total Spots. This is because there are likely spots on hold or bookings you have not accepted or declined yet. When a guest tries to book one of your experiences on your website, their spot is held for 20 minutes to ensure they have time to complete the booking. If you or one of your guests recently visited the payment page, it is likely that a spot is on hold and if the booking is not confirmed, it will be freed up within 20 minutes.

Add or Reschedule a Booking Outside of Scheduled Times

Apart from the already scheduled slots, you can also add a Booking and reschedule an existing one outside of the scheduled slots. This feature adds more flexibility to your Calendar and Bookings and provides more control over daily availability. In order to do so, untick the option Limit selection to scheduled dates and time-slots only while editing a booking or creating a new one.

Please, note that when you add a booking to an unscheduled experience slot, that unscheduled time does not appear as bookable online. Added bookings outside of the regular times are considered Private Events. If you would like to add a publicly bookable slot, you can see how Experience Scheduling works.

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