Guest Emails and Notifications

AnyRoad improves communication with guests by automating many of the necessary follow-ups for you. Messages can be branded and can include custom messages tailored to the experience.

Booking Request Received

When guests request a new booking from you, they receive a confirmation of their request. If you have set your experiences to auto-accept bookings, your guests will not receive this email since their booking is immediately confirmed. Instead, they will receive the booking confirmation email as soon as they submit their booking.

Subject: We have received your booking request

Booking Confirmation and Receipt

When a booking is accepted (manually or automatically) or an invoice is paid, guests receive a confirmation email. Guests can also add the event to their Google Calendar directly from the email.

Subject: Your Booking is Confirmed - Ride with Balloons


By default, guests also receive a confirmation SMS as soon as their booking is confirmed. You can contact our Customer Experience team to turn that off for your experiences if you would like to disable SMS notifications.


Reminder Notifications

By default, guests receive a reminder email and a reminder SMS three days before the event. 

Subject: Tasting with Dinner is in 3 days!


Here is an example of an SMS reminder:


Please note that reminder emails for online experiences are sent one day in advance, and SMS reminders are sent 1 hour in advance.

Learn more about Online Experience notifications.

Direct Messages

When you send a message to your guests - either via the AnyRoad Dashboard or by replying to their email - the guest receives the message via email. The email "from" address is "Your Company Name via AnyRoad". 

This email provides all the details of the associated booking, and your guest can click on the experience name to revisit the experience on your website. If you included an attachment in your message, it appears as an attachment in the email.

Subject: Message - Ride with Balloons

Invoice Proposal

When you send a new invoice to a guest, they receive an email with the link to pay online. Once they pay, they will receive the Booking Confirmation shown above, and later the Reminder notifications.

Subject: Your invoice from Company Name is ready


Edit Existing Booking

When you reschedule a booking, your guests receive an email notifying them of the date/time change. The email includes all the original booking information.

Subject: Your Booking has been rescheduled - please note the new date

Canceled Booking

When you cancel a booking, AnyRoad processes any refunds and sends an email to your guests. Since cancellation and refund cases are often different, our Customer Experience Team writes and sends your guests a custom message to reflect their circumstances. 

Learn more about Cancellations and Refunds

Declined Booking

When you decline a booking request, your guests receive an email. By default, we include the text below. However, if you add any comments, they will replace the default text in the email.

Subject: Sorry, we are unable to accept your booking request


Expired Booking

When a booking request expires because you have neither accepted nor declined it, the guests receive the booking expiration email, like the one below. If you do not want guests to receive this email, you can contact the Customer Experience team and they will turn this off for your experiences.


Remaining Charge Failed Attempt

When an experience requires a deposit, the system automatically attempts to charge the remaining balance seven days before the experience. If there is an issue with the guest's payment method, they will receive the remaining balance charge failed email. The guest will receive this email until the remaining amount is collected.

Subject: Something went wrong when charging the remaining balance ($152.97) for Dinner under the Falling Stars


Review Request

Twenty-four hours after the experience, the guest receives the review request email, which includes any feedback questions you have added to the experience. 

Find out more information on this in the Additional Feedback Questions article.

Subject: How was your experience at Sample Business?


If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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