Branded AnyRoad Emails

Guest communication is an essential piece of branded experiences, which is why well-structured, beautifully designed, customizable guest emails are crucial in offering your guests an excellent experience in your brand home. 
All AnyRoad guest emails are designed to feel tailor-made for your brand, with the purpose of emphasizing your personal touch in approaching and communicating with your guests. As soon as your AnyRoad account configuration is complete, all guest emails automatically sent via AnyRoad will be ready to go, with no extra work required on your end. 
On a technical level, all your automated and manual emails sent via AnyRoad will include the following: 
  1. The From field is displayed as "Your Brand Name via AnyRoad" (e.g. "Peet's Coffee via AnyRoad")
  2. Card Statement Clarification will default to your company name and will appear on your guests' bank statements (e.g. "Charges on your card will appear as Company Name") 
  3. Contact Us section will include a logo snippet of your selection, as well as your Company Name, preferred email for guest communications, and phone number
  4. Replies on all guest emails sent via AnyRoad will also be routed directly to your inbox, as well as your AnyRoad Dashboard
Here is a sample Guest Confirmation email, including all currently available configurations: 

  1. Brand Logo: AnyRoad emails support custom company logos at the top, as well as customizing the background colors.
  2. Printable Tickets: When Digital Tickets are enabled, guests will receive a link to access their Admission Tickets in the confirmation email.
  3. Guest Self-Rescheduling: When Guest Self-Rescheduling is enabled, guests can reschedule their own bookings in a couple of easy steps. 
  4. Brand Color Links: All links can be customized to the color of your preference. Currently, only one color can be applied to all the links.
  5. Custom Guest Message: A custom message, including maps, pictures, and links can be added to all guest confirmation emails. These messages can differ between various experiences, depending on what is applicable for each.

    This setting is accessible via your AnyRoad Dashboard by clicking on the Experience you would like to customize, then selecting Advanced Settings and navigating to the Email Customizations tab. 
  6. Logo Snippet & Contact Details: Your company name is at the top by default, followed by an email address and a phone number where guests can reach your team.
  7. Customizable Cancellation Policy: If none of our default Cancellation Policies suit your needs, we can create a custom cancellation policy for you that can apply to one, some, or all of your experiences. Your guests will see this policy at the time of booking, as well as on the confirmation emails they will receive shortly after their booking is confirmed. 

Find out more about the different messages and notifications guests receive via AnyRoad. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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