Branded AnyRoad Emails

AnyRoad helps you communicate with your visitors easily and save valuable time on a day-to-day basis. 
Following up with your customers is an important part of your brand and we've spent a lot of time designing beautiful, well-written, customized emails for you. Each email is written and designed as if it came directly from you to emphasize your personal touch.
Once you complete your Business Profile on your AnyRoad Dashboard your emails are ready, with no extra work from you. Those emails will be automatically sent to your customers every time you receive, confirm or edit a booking.

Here are a few examples of how we customize your emails

  • From: All emails are from "Your Company Name via AnyRoad" e.g. "Peet's Coffee via AnyRoad"
  • Replies: Customers can reply to any email and the replies go directly to your inbox
  • Company Name: your company name is at the top by default, where we can also add your logo and brand colors by request
  • Contact Me:  this section includes your logo and contact information
  • Cancellation Policy: your chosen default or custom cancellation policy is part of the emails
  • Card Statement: "Charges on your card will appear as..." defaults to your company name and appears on your customers' credit card statements

Example: Booking Confirmation Email

Additional Customizations

  • Under the What's Next section you can fully customize the text, maps, pictures, links and more (see below example). This information will appear in your Booking Confirmation and Reminder emails.
  • Under the Contact Me section the phone number defaults to the number on your account. You can add a different contact number if you'd like. This information appears in most of your emails.
  • You can turn off all reminder emails and SMS notifications if you prefer to send your own.
  • You can optionally send a Review Email after the activity is completed which is fully customized to your business, including where you would like to send customers to leave a review. Learn more.
  • You can add a custom company logo to the top of all emails, and customize the background color.
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