Email Troubleshooting

Email delivery is extremely important for you and your guests. It is often the only way you communicate with your guests and at times there can be urgent, last-minute messages exchanged before an experience.

AnyRoad uses an extremely reliable email delivery service called Mandrill that delivers emails swiftly and accurately. In addition, we send a copy of every email to an AnyRoad account to ensure delivery is done properly. We also keep a backup copy of every email delivered.

We have quite a lot of data on every email sent and delivered and are happy to share this data with you when you have questions about some of your guest emails.

Bounced and Undelivered Emails

We monitor and correct all undelivered and bounced emails for you and your guests. Most of the time, an email does not send because the guest incorrectly entered their email address. If it is an obvious typo (e.g. "" instead of "") we correct the email address ourselves and resend it to your guest. If it is not clear how to correct the email address, we will contact you and the guest (via a text message) to capture their correct email address. In other cases, where, for example, the guest's mailbox is full we contact you and the guest to resolve the issue. 

Resending Emails

We are happy to resend any email for you - just contact AnyRoad's Customer Experience Team. Since we monitor all undelivered emails, if a guest reports not receiving an email, most of the time it is in their spam folder. However, we will investigate the issue and resolve it for you and your guests.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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