How Do Guests Pay

AnyRoad's Experience Management Software allows you to accept online credit and debit card payments from any country and currency in the world. We take care of setting up your online payment gateway and credit card processor, with no extra work required from you! 

We support all major credit and debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

For all bookings made online, there is a 10% service charge which is automatically added on top of the price. The service charge is by default passed to your customers unless you choose to cover it or split it with them. Please note that there is a $1 minimum service fee per person.

Charges will always appear on your customers' bank statements under the company name set in your AnyRoad Dashboard, under the Business Profile section. This helps your customers clearly understand where the charge came from and reduces the risk of disputes and chargebacks significantly.

Here is How Payments Work

Online Bookings

As soon as one of your customers requests a booking we place a hold on their credit/debit card for the entire booking amount. 

When the booking is confirmed the due payment is automatically charged and transferred to you according to your payout preferences. In case a booking is declined we simply release the credit card hold and your customers' card is never charged.


If you require a pre-payment for your activities we can help you collect deposits. Deposits can be up to 50% of the total booking amount and are charged immediately after a booking is accepted. You then receive your payout the first upcoming Tuesday, unless otherwise specified. The remaining amount is charged by default 7 days before the activity begins, and transferred to you on the Tuesday after the activity start date.

If you have tours or other activities that require deposits, but they are booked less than 7 days in advance we will charge the full payment amount at the time the booking is accepted. If you wish to change the number of days before the tour that the remaining payment is charged, please  contact us

Invoices & Auto-Accepted Bookings

For invoices and bookings that you want automatically accepted the full payment amount is automatically charged when the booking is submitted. You can still collect deposits of up to 50% of the total amount, which are paid out to you on the first Tuesday after the booking was made. The final payout is always transferred on the first Tuesday after the booking start date unless otherwise specified. 

Charging in Different Currencies

When adding your experiences on AnyRoad you can specify the currency your prices are going to be based on. The currency you select for your tours is not always the currency your customers see when they visit your website though. When a customer visits your AnyRoad Booking Plugin we automatically detect the country they are visiting from and show them your prices in their own currency. However, for Invoices, we always show the prices in the currency you selected at the time of creation.

If you prefer to just show your prices always in one currency, regardless of where your guests are located, we can turn off the location-based currencies for you - just  contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although AnyRoad supports and processes payments almost worldwide, your guests' credit cards are by default charged in USD. We take your prices and based on your selected currency we convert them to USD using that day's exchange rate before charging your guests' credit/debit cards. This may result in small fluctuations in your prices, so we recommend selecting USD as your default currency. This will not affect what your guests see (the rule above will apply) or what currency you receive your payout at. 

Payment Security

All payments made on AnyRoad are secure and reliable. We use  Stripe to process our credit/debit card payments, which is one of the biggest and most reliable payment processors in the world. It's the same service that most international tech companies use such as Twitter, Facebook, Lyft, Pinterest, and Kickstarter. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification and security available.

You might have already noticed the secure lock in the address bar on all of our pages, followed by an https. What does https mean? 

"HTTPS verifies the identity of a website or web service for a connecting client and encrypts nearly all information sent between the website or service and the user. Protected information includes cookies, user agent details, URL paths, form submissions, and query string parameters. HTTPS is designed to prevent this information from being read or changed while in transit." according to  The Https Only Standard.

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