How You Get Paid

AnyRoad payments are processed every Tuesday or on the first Tuesday of the month. Each payout includes the payments for bookings made the previous Monday through Sunday.

Depending on your selected payout method and country, payments can take up to 5 business days to reach your account. 

At the moment we offer the following payout options for you to choose from: 

  • International Bank Deposit
  • US Bank Deposit
  • Payoneer

IMPORTANT NOTE: The options listed above vary depending on the subscription plan you are signed up for. If you wish to receive your payouts as an International Bank Deposit, please contact the Customer Experience team at to help you upgrade your subscription plan to Premium. 

Here is How Payouts Work

When customers book an experience, AnyRoad charges the booking amount to their credit/debit card and collects the payment for you. That payment is held in a third-party bank account and then transfer the full amount to you the Tuesday after your activity start date. In case there are any cancellations or refunds during that time period, those are calculated into the final payout amount before processing your next payout. 

If you have upfront costs that need to be covered before the experience, we can help you collect deposits of up to 50% of the total experience cost before the activity begins. You receive the deposit payments on the first Tuesday after the customer completes the payment. The remaining balance is automatically charged a week before the experience by default and is then paid out as normal on the Tuesday after the activity start date.

For all bookings made online, there is a service fee that is charged automatically and added on top of the activity price. The service fee is by default passed to your customers unless you choose to cover it or split it with them. Please note that there is a $1 minimum service fee per person.

Payout Transfer Fees

Our goal is to get you the full amount of the money you receive. However, your account - whether it is a bank account or a Payoneer one - may charge additional fees to receive the funds depending on the amount and receiving country and this is something we have no visibility into or control over. 
That is why we offer two payment options, to minimize the transfer fees.
  1. Monthly Payments - receive all your pending payments on the first Tuesday of each month
  2. Weekly Payments - receive all your pending payments every Tuesday
We are happy to help you make the best decision on which payout method is the best for you.

Payout Currency

AnyRoad facilitates payments in USD to partners worldwide. Although AnyRoad supports and processes payments almost worldwide, your guests’ credit cards are by default charged in USD. We take your prices and based on your selected currency, we convert them to USD using that day’s exchange rate before charging your guests’ credit/debit cards. This may result in small fluctuations in your prices, so we recommend selecting USD as your default currency. This will not affect what your guests see (the rule above will apply) or what currency you receive your payout at.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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