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About Tours

Adding tours on your AnyRoad Dashboard and linking them with your website through the AnyRoad Plugin or the Booking Buttons, will allow your guests to book these tours smoothly and effortlessly directly from your website. Some examples of the tours you can add include recurring group tours offered on daily or weekly basis, transfer services, private multi-day packages, factory visits, or private invite-only tours: it all depends on the events or activities you provide to your guests!

AnyRoad allows you to set a different pricing and availability for each tour, a minimum and a maximum number of guests to control overbooking, additional extra options, and a number of standard and advanced features such as tiered pricing, privately bookable tours, e-waivers, custom cancellation policy and more.

Adding Tours to AnyRoad

Creating tours on your AnyRoad Dashboard is much easier than you might think! Go to the Tours tab in your Dashboard and then click on the + Add another tour at the top of the page. You will be asked to fill in some basic information about your tour, namely the location and title of the new activity. 

Once that's done, the new tour will appear as unfinished with " 4 steps to publish" which includes 4 important steps: About the tour, Scheduling, Pricing, and Add Photos.

About the tour You can add a  subtitle and description from this section. We recommend a brief itinerary and any other relevant details like what a guest should bring, or what to expect. You can also let the guests know if transportation is included in the tour price or if it can be purchased at an additional cost. The description also supports basic HTML editing. Let us know if you need to add anything.

Scheduling This step covers the tour  duration, the start times and available dates. You can also black out dates when your business is closed or when you don't provide the activity. 

Capacity: Total and Maximum spots. You can set limits on the number of guests who can book at a time (Jane Doe booked for 3 people: limit per booking) and the total number of guests who can book for a tour (different guests can sign up and they can book for up to 30 people in total).

Pricing Here you can set up the  prices and select a a cancellation policy for your tour. If your activities require a deposit (optional), you can add it from here up to 50% of the price. 

Photos The last step is to upload photos for your tour. It'sThe first image will be used as the default image, but you can rearrange as needed after the upload. Try to upload photos of the suggested size in landscape orientation (1440 x 580px). Please, keep in mind that the heavier the pictures, the longer it will take for the tour to load on a browser.

Edit Tours

You can edit your tours at any time, by clicking the " Edit Tour" button. Any changes you make will show up immediately on your website via the AnyRoad Plugin or Booking Buttons. These changes will not affect existing bookings associated with those tours.

Not Visible

If you don't want the tour to appear online, you can make it " Not Visible" temporarily by dragging the green/gray button. Need to delete a tour permanently?   Contact us!


You can upload as many tours as you'd like and preview them by clicking on the "  Preview Tours" button in the top right corner. A new page will open with a list of the tours that are visible and open for online bookings. 

Standard and Advanced features

AnyRoad is highly customizable and offers you a wide range of functionalities that we can set up for your tours. The features below cannot be set up from your Dashboard, however we're happy to fix them for you! Just send us an email at and we'll set everything up! 

Tiered Pricing
This functionality allows you to adjust the price depending on the number of guests who book each time. For example if 1 person books the price is $50, for 2-5 person the price is $45 per person, and for more than 6 guests at $40. You can check out a   tour with tiered pricing here. Please email us at to set it up for you.
Pricing per Unit (Variable pricing)
If your pricing is based on different age groups (Adults, Children, Seniors, etc) or different units (bicycles, Atvs) then you might need to customize your wording and the prices for each group. Please see a   example here. Email us at to set it up for you.
Add-ons Add-ons are ideal for extra options that are not included in the price. For example, if you provide a city tour with an optional lunch as an extra, or a brewery visit with a signature glass that your guests can purchase if they want. Please have a look at this   tour with add-ons. Please contact us at to set it up for you.
Custom Cancellation Policy You can select one of the five suggested cancellation policies and if none of them is a good fit for you, please let us know your custom cancellation policy to include it in your tours. Check out this   example here
Custom confirmation message Save time by adding a custom message for your confirmed guests! All your clients, immediately after their booking is confirmed, receive an automated confirmation email with details about their reservation (start time, date, etc). Instead of emailing them with details on the meeting point, instructions how to get there, or what to bring, you can add a custom message with useful information on their booking. 
Waiver If you need to include a Waiver or your company's Terms & Conditions on your tours, then send us the text and we'll configure it for your tours. You can take a look at   how a Waiver looks here
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