Online Booking for Your Website and Facebook

When you're done updating your Account Preferences and adding your experiences to your Dashboard, you're ready to connect AnyRoad with any website or Facebook Page. 

There are 2 main options for connecting your website with your AnyRoad Booking Software. Choosing the right option for you depends on how much you would like to integrate and customize Online Booking on your website and how quickly you want to get up and running. 

AnyRoad Booking Buttons

Booking Buttons are a quick and easy solution if you need to get started quickly or don't mind your guests browsing your tours on the AnyRoad environment. Adding an AnyRoad Booking Button on your website will redirect your guests away from your website, into your AnyRoad page where they will be able to request a booking with you. 

You do that by simply adding one or several " Book Now" buttons on your website. It takes about 5 minutes to install and you can get the code you'll need straight out of your AnyRoad Dashboard, under Website Integrations section. 

Those buttons can link to a  Tours Listing Page or directly to a specific tour's Details Page. By default, the code on your Dashboard will lead your guests to your Tours Listing Page, where customers are able to browse your tours, check your prices or availability and finally make a booking. 

You can install the booking buttons yourself by simply following our  step-by- step instructions. The color, text of the buttons and page they lead to are fully customizable, here are a few examples:

Full Plugin Integration

The Full Integration embeds the tours you added on your AnyRoad Dashboard directly on your website. Here is an example

This option offers a more seamless experience for your guests since they can check your tours directly on your own website. If you are tech-savvy, check our Developer's Guide to install our Plugin yourself or contact us to request our assistance in integrating the Plugin on your website. 

The Full Integration embeds these pages from your AnyRoad Booking Site into your own website:

Tours Listing Page Tour Detail & Availability Page

Comparison between Booking Buttons & Full Integration

Booking Button Full Integration
Best For: 1. A quick, easy way to enable online booking immediately 
2. Just started to accept Online Bookings
1. Seamless experience into your own website 
2. Expect 10+ online bookings per week
Example: Website with Booking Buttons Website with Full Integration
Installation: 1. You install them yourself in 5 minutes
2. Guest see a "Book Now" button that leads
them to your tour on the AnyRoad environment
1. AnyRoad team installs it for you within 1 week
2. Plugin available on Wordpress Market
3. Tours displayed within your own domain
Guest Experience: Guests are directed to your AnyRoad Booking Site
to browse your tours, check availability and checkout
Guests can browse your tours and check
availability directly on your website.
Mobile Friendly: Yes Yes (but also depends on your website)
Customization: 1. Button Color
2. Button Text
1. Button Color 
2. Currency Selector
3. Google Translate
4. Tours Listing filters
5. Tour Categories
Cost: $0 $0

Adding a Booking Button to your Facebook Business Site

It only takes 2 minutes to add a Booking Button to your Facebook page. Facebook calls it a "Call-To-Action" and it appears on your Facebook Business Page in desktop, mobile, and tablet.

It's a very simple process and you can do it yourself easily. You can find out more about adding a "Book Now" button on your Facebook page and how to do it here.

Still not sure which options suits? Contact Us and we'll help you decide!

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