How To Blackout Certain Dates or Times

Black-out dates help you manage your availability. If you have certain dates or periods of time you would prefer not to offer, you can block these dates so they appear as unavailable. This is a useful tool if you have vacation time scheduled, close down or reduce for the low season or if you like to close down on holidays. Simply follow the steps bellow:

How to blackout whole dates

1) From your AnyRoad dashboard select Tours and find the tour/experience you want to blackout. Then select the edit option.

2) This will take you the the tour detail page. From there select the scheduling option. You will notice at the bottom of the page the words "You can add exceptions to the availability rules by creating blackout dates" with part of the text highlighted. Simply click on it.

3) A pop-up page will appear with a calendar that displays all future dates. Select the ones you want to blackout and click on the done option at the bottom.

4) Finally it's very important to always click on the option to Save.

You will then see a message telling you that the scheduling has been updated. We recommend always double checking on your tour/experience page.

How to blackout specific times

If you want to block a specific time slot that does not have any confirmed bookings you will first need to go into the booking section of your dashboard. From there make sure to select the Show on Calendar view and then choose the All scheduled option from the Showing list on the left had side: 

From there select the date and time you want to block. You will see the options to Block all availability or Add Booking: 

Once you select to block all availability that time slot will be closed and not visible for your guest to book. You can always go back and open up the slot again if needed by selecting the Unblock availability option:

Once you are done select the Back option and you will return to the Booking page. From the Showing list you can select the the Blocked option in order to see what dates and times you have blocked: 

 If at any point you need help or if you want to block specific time slots that already have confirmed bookings please visit our chat by selecting the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or send us an email at .

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