Advanced Features and Customizations

Check out all the  available features developed by AnyRoad to meet with your business needs!


Custom or Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing allows you to set the per person or per tour price depending on the number of guests per booking: For 1 person bookings the price can be at $100 per person (or $100 per tour), when 2 people book the price can be at $60 per person (or $120 per tour), for 3 guests at $40 per person (or $120 per tour), for 4-10 persons at $30 person, and so on.   

Tiered pricing enables you to collect the minimum necessary amount to run the tour, regardless of how many people have booked the tour (1-2 person tours at a minimum price), as well as to encourage larger group bookings by decreasing the per person/ per tour price.  

Check out this tour with tiered pricing to see how it works!

Tour Add-Ons

Add-ons are ideal for extra options that are not included in the price. Make the best out of AnyRoad and give your guests the option to add products and services to their booking. Examples include additional time on the tour, accommodation, a special insurance, equipment, etc.  

Check out this tour with add-ons to see how they work!

Pricing per Unit (Variable pricing)

Do you offer pricing based on different units like ATVs and motorcycles, or need to customize your pricing for different age groups (adult and kids price)? No problem, you can customize the wording and the price for each unit to fit anything you need. Your guests will be able to book ATVs, SUP, Go Karts or whatever unit you need it to be.  

Check out this tour with pricing per unit see how it works! 

Additional Fees /Taxes

If you have any special taxes or fees which need to be included in the ticket price, then we can add a custom percentage to all your bookings. 

Custom Cancellation Policy

If none of our standard Cancellation Policy options suit your needs, we can set up a custom cancellation policy for you and apply it to some or all of your tours. The deposit can be up to 50%.  
Check out this tour with a custom cancellation policy to see how it works! 

Fixed Currency

By default, the system detects the location of your guests and automatically converts your tour prices to their local currency to help them have a better sense of the cost in their country's currency. However, If you like your tours to always be shown in the same currency we can set that up for you. 

Discount Codes

With Discount Codes you can promote your tours with Discounts, Gift Cards or Coupon Codes. Discount codes can be based on a fixed amount or a percentage and which applies the total cost of the booking. They can be associated either with 1 specific tour or all your tours and you can set up an expiration date if you want (optional). 

- A fixed amount discount code at -$10 will deduct this sum from the total cost. However, it will not deduct -$10 per guest (3 guests x -$10 = -$30) as it applies to the total cost. 

- A percentage based code provides a discount on the given percentage: So a guest with -10% discount who books at $50 per person will have -$5 discount (10% of $50), and 2 guests at $50 each will get a -$10 (10% of $100), as the code applies to the total cost.  

Check out this tour with discount codes to see how they work!

Please note that discount codes can now be applied to multiple tours as well.

Managing Bookings


When you add a tour on your Dashboard, you can set limits on the number of guests who sign up for this tour (Total and Maximum spots). This allows you to ensure a minimum number of guests and/or to over bookings. 

AnyRoad gives you full control of your reservations and allows you to re-adjust the available spots based on demand. Let's assume that you already have 30 people signed up for a tour and you need to add 2 more people to accommodate a valued guest's. No problem! Simply find the booking and adjust the available spots with the +/- buttons:  

Allow Same-Day Bookings 

By default, we do not allow same day bookings to give our partners time to prepare for the activities. However, if you wish to allow your guests to book for the same day, just let us know and we will adjust the setting for all or a selection of your tours.

Booking Cut-Off Time 

AnyRoad enables you to adjust the amount of time before the availability opens up or closes for your tours. If you need at least 1 day (or one month) to prepare for your activities, then we can set up a tour to allow bookings up to 24 hours before the start time (or one mont,h respectively). On the other hand, if you prefer to allow last minute bookings, let's say up to 30 minutes ahead of the start time, then we can simply make sure your guests are allowed to book half an hour before the tour. 

Auto-Accept Bookings 

By default, AnyRoad allows you to review all the booking requests you get, before accepting or rejecting them. All booking requests expire 7 days after you receive them to give you enough time to communicate with your guests. However, if you offer regular tours and prefer to save time from manually accepting all the booking requests, then you can simply request to have auto-accept activated.  

Privately Bookable Tours

If you offer private tours and you want to have one booking at a time, even if the number of maximum guests is not reached, then we can simply activate the Privately Bookable functionality for your tour(s): If a guest books on a certain date and time, then this slot will automatically become unavailable ('sold out'). For example if you offer private boat tours that take up to 10 persons, once a guest books the boat tour for 4 people on a certain date and time, this slot will appear as fully booked. 

Blackout Dates & Seasonal Availability 

Black-out dates help you manage your availability. If you have certain dates or periods when you do not provide the tour or have a large private group you'd like to take good care of, then you can simply block these dates out and make them unavailable. Go to your  Dashboard -->  Tours --> Edit Tours --> Scheduling --> Scroll down until you see Black out dates --> Add the dates you'd like to black out --> Done --> Save 

Here we've blacked out the 15th, 16th and 17th of March from the Dashboard (left image) and as a result these dates appear as unavailable on the live calendar of the tour page where you guests book from (image to the right): 

Custom Confirmation Message

All your guests receive an automated confirmation email when their booking is confirmed. It works as a helpful review of the booking and it includes the date & time of the tour, your contact details, a price breakdown and the cancellation policy. In addition to that AnyRoad gives you the opportunity to set up a custom message and add any information you want: the meeting point, what to bring, an image or a link to a map. The custom message will be included in the ' What's Next' section, as in the example below:

Conversion Tracking 

If you run Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other marketing programs that track conversions we can add conversion tracking to your checkout. The conversion registers on the confirmation page once your guest has completed a booking and reports back to Google or Facebook. Simply send us the conversion pixel and we will add it for you. If you have any questions about running ads or setting up your conversion pixel we're happy to help. 


Custom Checkout Questions

With AnyRoad's Custom Checkout Questions, you can collect important information before you accept or reject a booking. You can ask your guests the address of their hotel, if they have any food allergies, how they found out about the tour: up to 5 short question. Answering can be mandatory or optional. It is recommended to keep these questions short. If your tours require more than 5 questions, we can set up a post-booking online questionnaire for you. Your guests will receive it once their booking is confirmed along with the automatic confirmation email. Please specify if your questions are pre- or post-checkout. 

Take a look at this tour with custom checkout questions to see how they work! 

Waivers, Terms & Conditions

We offer the option to have your guests sign your Waiver, Terms & Conditions or any other necessary paperwork during the booking process. One less thing you have to worry about when your customers arrive! Quick, easy, and paperless. 

Please note that the entire text in this section can be fully customized to your needs. 

Take a look at this tour set up with a Waiver to see how it works! 

Google Translate

If you have customers from all over the world and want to translate the whole content of the booking site easily, have us set up a google translate bar that will allow your visitors to translate the page in any language they like.  

Tour Categories / Filters

If you have many different tours and want to make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for add a filters or categories bar on top of your tour list and let us know how to mark your tours. This feature is suggested for 15+ tours.   

Pro Tip

If you are just setting your account up now and would like to have any of our advanced features, or if you already have an account with us,  contact us directly to help you set our Advanced Customizations up for your account.

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