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How does the AnyRoad Premium Plan help you understand your Customers and Business better and optimize your Experiences?

While our Basic Plan gives you all you need to efficiently run your day-to-day operations, our Premium Plan was created to specifically cater to businesses who want to go one step further and delight their visitors. Whether your aim is to grow your business, optimally engage with your customers or measure your performance the Premium Plan is where it all starts. 

Use our Feedback Collection and easy-to-understand Data Insights to make informed decisions for your business. Besides, you can't manage what you can't measure! 

Here is a quick list of the tools you can add to your AnyRoad toolbox to make the most of the experiences you offer.

Custom Designed Website Integrations and Emails

Go beyond the standard AnyRoad design and upgrade your website integrations and emails with your brand colors and logos to give your visitors a personalized and fully branded experience from beginning to end. 

1. You can have your emails customized with a branded header, featuring your company color and logo of your choice.

2. You can style your website integrations in your company color or fonts, and customize your action buttons with your own wording for a have a branded look.

3. Get a full plugin  Integration for your Facebook page to allow your fans to book there directly without having to redirect to your website.

Get to Know your Visitors

How much do you know about the people who join your experiences? Would you like to know where your visitors come from and how far in advance they book to do targeted advertisement? 

We got you covered! We collect location data for all bookings and also ask your visitors how engaged they are with your brand and products. Knowing who your visitors are, helps you tailor your experiences to the people who love your brand.

Collect Feedback

Even more important than learning about who your visitors are, is how the experience you offer impacts their perception of your brand. We help you improve your experience by asking your visitors how they feel about your brand and how engaged they are with your products before and after the tour through simple no hassle surveys with the click of a button. 

You will receive both quantitative data measuring your results in a simple to understand format, as well as text feedback regarding the experiences conveniently on your dashboard.

Contact us if you'd like to take your data and feedback collection one step further and create a custom questionnaire to get more insights tailor made to your business.

Engage and Promote

Make sure that your most loyal fans get to engage with your brand after the experience by promoting your social media accounts. As part of our premium plan, we follow up with them the day after the tour and make it easy for them to promote your tours, give feedback and follow you on the social media platforms of their choice.

Measure the Impact of your Activities

You can't manage what you don't measure - How do you evaluate performance or decide whether that new thing you're currently trying is successful? 

NPS Scores are popular for a reason, they give a good insight in the perception of your brand and can easily be compared to others as well as industry standards. 

If you are interested in going beyond our standard data package, we can set up custom surveys and reports to support the individual needs of your business.  Get in touch!

Easily Access Your Data

As pointed out in some of the examples above, we make an effort to display the collected data in an easy to understand format that can help you optimize all aspects of your performance. Whether you are looking to optimize your revenue or make a maximum impact on brand loyalty, we give you the tools to achieve it with our new Insights tab and downloadable reports conveniently located on your dashboard. There you can see an overview of basic financial performance such as monthly revenue, the number of visitors, most and least popular schedule slots, NPS performance and much more. Get in touch for a free trial!

Highly Customized Experiences & Advanced Tour Setup

On a more operational level, our Premium members have many options available to customize the setup of their tours. Whether it is a seasonally changing schedule or complicated pricing structure we will work with you to set your tours up just the way you want them to be.

We have many hidden options available that go beyond the standard dashboard setup. Your dedicated account manager will schedule a call with you to learn about your business and consult you to optimize your personal setup and tell you about tips and tricks to increase your revenue per visitors through the use of optional add-ons and or optimize your social media engagement through strategically placed decoration and more.

24/7 Support for Your Customers

Many of our partners do not even realize the importance of this service, but having someone available in a live chat 24/7 is crucial for booking conversion. Having a real person to talk to engages people and enables them to ask questions. Not only does it make for a better guest experience but it allows us to give you feedback on the description and content of your experiences and make it clearer for the people who read it.

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