Downloadable Reports

One of AnyRoad's most powerful features is the  Insights & Reports functionality. You can access it by logging into your Dashboard and navigating to your Insights & Reports tab.

You will see several different types of Downloadable Reports, including: 

  1. Revenue Summary
  2. Detailed Revenue Report
  3. Add-ons Summary
  4. Ticket Types Summary
  5. Customer Report

These reports can be downloaded in a CSV format which can be imported into many programs like Excel, Google Sheets, Quickbooks, etc. You can choose which month's or day's report you would like to download, including past, present or future dates. 

In a second selection, you can choose whether you'd like to include all or only certain experiences in the download. You can also choose to download reports based on the date of the experience (e.g. all bookings occurring in January), or the date the experience was booked. 

A small yet important note to keep in mind is that the data in both reports is being refreshed hourly, so there may be slight variations if new bookings for the time period were received within the last hour.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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