Downloadable Reports

One of AnyRoad's most powerful features is Insights & Reports. Downloadable Reports offer you a series of invaluable data to help you assess the performance of your experiences at any period of time. The downloadable reports can be shared with your team members and executives to track trends across your important KPIs and make decisions based on performance.

To access and download the Reports, log into your AnyRoad account, and navigate to the Insights & Reports tab.

There are six different types of Downloadable Reports available: 



You can download any of these reports in a CSV format and import them into any Business Intelligence tool such as Excel, Google Sheets, QuickBooks, Tableau, etc. 

Additionally, before downloading any of the reports above, you will be able to choose your preferred time range filtered by Experience Date or by Booking Date, including the past, present, or future dates. Lastly, you can choose whether you would like to include all experiences or an individual experience in the download. 


A small yet important note to keep in mind is that the data in all report types outlined above are refreshed hourly. Please note that this might cause some slight variations if you received new bookings within the last hour of your selected time range.

Below you can find some information on how you can use each report:

Revenue Summary Report

Using the Revenue Summary Report helps you track the total sales for your selected time range. You can also break down your data by examining the revenue for each time slot during a specific date or experience. 
Currency type and payment methods (cash or credit card) used for each transaction are also provided for each guest, as well as a total guest count.

Detailed Revenue Report

This report provides an extensive overview of bookings and revenue details for your experiences, including both confirmed and canceled bookings. Booking IDs, experience names, guest names, emails, and affiliate names are all available in this report. Additionally, this report contains operational data such as time slot details, guest count, ticket types, add-ons, and whether the booking was paid via a payment request. 
The Detailed Revenue Report is the most comprehensive downloadable report via the Dashboard, as all the core details about your guests and bookings (including discount codes and booking source) are compiled in one, easy-to-access spreadsheet. 

Add-ons Summary Report

This report outlines the total revenue made through add-ons, based on the period of time and experience of your choice. Here you can find the following data groups: 
  • Addon Revenue 
  • The specific amount of add-ons sold 
  • Currency add-ons were bought in
  • The number of tickets that were checked in for the specific experience so that a ratio between guests and add-ons sold can be seen

Ticket Types Summary Report

Check to see which tickets were more popular during specific periods or events. This report does not include tickets from canceled bookings or those with discount codes. Please note that this report only contains checked-in guest tickets and does not include no-shows.

Customer Report

By using the Customer Report, you can:
  • Understand your guests' purchase behavior
  • Check guest NPS responses pre- and post-experience
  • Gather fundamental information about your guests such as their address, telephone number, email, country, origin, and currency used

Manifest Report

This report includes a detailed list of all your confirmed bookings for the specified time range, including all guest data, add-ons, and checkout questions. 

Please contact your Account Manager or the Customer Experience team if you would like to include any of your checkout questions in your Manifest Report.

Important Note: If the same booking ID appears more than once, it is due to the multiple checkout questions on the experience, the different add-ons, and the ticket types within a booking. This way, you can filter the manifest report by a specific checkout question, add-on name, or ticket type and still have all relevant booking information available. The columns should not be summarized before handling the data because all combinations of these require the system to duplicate certain information. For example, if a booking has two ticket types, three add-on types, and two checkout questions, it will show up in 2 x 3 x 2 = 12 rows.

Capacity Utilization Report

This report gives you a list of all the scheduled slots for all the experiences you have had. It shows you the total capacity and the utilization of each slot helping you get an insight into which slots and periods of the year are the busiest.  

Discount Code Report

With the Discount Code Report, you will be able to view a list of discount codes created within the timeframe you have chosen. Included is:

  • the exact date of creation of each code
  • the type of discount whether a fixed amount or percentage  
  • the days it is valid for
  • the number of times it was set up to be used and redeemed
  • their expiration date

Feedback Report

This report gives you information about what your guests think after they have taken their experience. It includes the post-visit NPS score, the resource rating for the respective timeslot, and the general feedback they provided.

Custom Checkout Questions Report

The Custom Checkout Questions Report provides a list of all checkout questions and answers given by your guests who have booked for the selected timeframe. Each line corresponds to a different checkout question, therefore the same booking ID might appear more than once, depending on the number of checkout questions for each of your experiences.

Keep in mind that answers to Marketing opt-in and NPS questions do not appear in this report.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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