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A few small but important recent feature updates include: 

Detailed Transaction History

You can now see how much your visitors were charged, on what date and what card was used. Just follow the simple steps below: 

1. Go to the Bookings tab on your AnyRoad Account

2. Find the booking you're looking for and open it, and then click on the green arrow next to the Total Price 

3. Click on the "View Transaction History" link

You should be able to find all the necessary details about your guests' payment in there like payment date, amount, and total. 

Unique Booking IDs

All bookings are now assigned a unique booking ID to easily keep track of transactions. If you open any of your scheduled, past, expired, or pending bookings you will notice the ID for that booking will be added next to the date and source of the booking.

Custom Cancellation Policies

Have your own custom cancellation policy you wish to apply to your tours? Now you can have as many custom cancellation policies available on the drop-down options for Tours and Invoices. 

Let us know what you would like to add and we'll update your account in no time! 

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