Add-ons and Additional Questions on Manual Bookings

Add-ons and Additional Questions are important features to measure guests' satisfaction and they are available not only for online bookings but manual ones as well. The Customer Experience team or your Account Manager can set them up for you.


Add-ons give your guests the option to add products and services to their bookings. Examples include additional time on the experience, accommodation, special insurance, equipment, etc. Simply click the + New Booking button on the top right corner in the Bookings tab and you will automatically see the add-on options popping up.  

Additional Questions

Once you have selected the number of Guests, Start Date, and Start Time you would like to add a booking to and click on the Continue button you will be directed to the Checkout and Confirmation page. 

Here you can find the Additional Information section, just as your guests would on the checkout page of an Online Booking. Here is how that looks like: 


If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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