Add-ons and Additional Questions on Added Bookings

An important feature for manually added bookings includes Additional Extras and Questions! 

Add-ons Available on Added Bookings

If you're using our Added Bookings Feature, they are available for both Added Bookings and Online Bookings. Add-ons give your guests the option to add products and services to their bookings. Examples include additional time on the tour, accommodation, special insurance, equipment, etc. Simply click from your AnyRoad Dashboard the "Bookings" button, "+ New Booking" on the top-right corner and you'll automatically see the new options popping up. 

Additional Questions Available on Added Bookings

Once you have selected the number of Guests, Start Date and Start Time you'd like to add a booking to and click on the "Continue" button you'll be directed to the Checkout and Confirmation page. 

What's different is a newly added section where you can optionally include Additional Information, just as your customers would on a scheduled Online Booking. Here's how that looks like: 

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