Guest Feedback Emails

AnyRoad helps you improve your communication with your guests by automating many of the necessary follow-ups for you. These messages can be highly customized to your brand based on the details you add to your AnyRoad Account and the subscription plan you are signed up on. 

One of the most useful types of messages AnyRoad helps you automate is your review emails, which are designed to help you grow your online reviews and measure your NPS score. 

All feedback emails are sent at 9am in the guest's local time, the day following the experience, requesting feedback about it. This feedback is sent directly to you or posted on your social media. We can direct your guests to post their reviews on the channel of your choice (e.g. TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+). Here is what it looks like:

Subject: How was your experience at [Company Name]?

If your guests click on 7 or above we direct them to a second step, where they can select which social media channel they want to leave a review for you on. If your guests click on 6 or below, they will not see the links to your social media pages but will be prompted to leave an internal review for you.

Many of our partners have reported a significant increase in their online reviews from the use of this email. Feel free to reach out to our support to set this feature up for you.

Stopping Feedback Emails from Being Sent

Feedback emails are sent out to guests automatically the day after the experience at 9:00 AM guest local time. However, it may sometimes be necessary to stop a feedback email from being automatically sent. You may decide to cancel the feedback email if your guest has canceled their booking or if they did not turn up for their experience. By using the check-in feature you can see which guests did not arrive for their experience. By checking the canceled bookings feature you can easily see which bookings have been canceled. Both features allow you to have visibility and control of who will not receive the feedback email.

It is important to remember that the feedback email is sent out automatically the day after the experience at 9:00AM  guest local time, so any cancellations must be done before that time, preferably by the previous evening. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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