Guest Rescheduling Functionality

Guests are given the opportunity to reschedule their booking by clicking on the Reschedule Booking button that appears on the confirmation email as well as in the reminder email that they are sent 3 days before their scheduled booking.  

Guests can only reschedule for available future dates as well as for open slots on that same day. Please note that for experiences that have only one available date in the future guests are not provided the reschedule booking link. 

Once your guests click on this link, they are redirected to a page that allows them to see the following information: their booking ID number, their name that booking is under, the Contact Us button as well as the  Reschedule button.

Rescheduling takes into account all availability rules; only showing available slots and dates that have the number of spots available to meet the number of guests in the booking, look-ahead dates, and any blocked slots.   

If a guest attempts to reschedule to an unavailable date, the system will automatically generate an easy-to-understand error message. Once rescheduled, the rescheduling page above will reflect the new booking date and time for the guest's booking.

Lastly, all guests that reschedule their bookings receive an updated confirmation email.

Rescheduling takes only up to a specific day/time before the guest's scheduled date. After the threshold has passed, guests reschedule link will be disabled. You can set a different threshold for each one of your experiences.

This feature is not set by default when you create a new experience in your dashboard. In order to enable this feature so that guests can reschedule their bookings themselves, please contact the Customer Experience Team or your Account Manager.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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