Checkout Page Integration

Before the Integrated Checkout Pages, guests were redirected to in order to complete their personal details and payment information, submitting their booking. 

We recently launched a new feature where we're able to integrate a secure payment page right within the Plugin on your website! This means that guests no longer need to be directed to an external page to fill out their personal and payment info, but are able to do all that on your website. This feature ensures an even smoother guest booking experience and has received great feedback from our partners. 

Here is how it looks like: 

The link to this Integrated Checkout Page would look similar to this: 

On the other hand, the previous Checkout Page's link would look like this: 

The layout and design of the non-Integrated Checkout Page are also less customizable in terms of link colors and branding. Here is an example of how a non-Integrated Checkout Page looks like: 

For a great customer booking experience, we recommend the width of the page to be at least 750px. An ideal width, however, is from 850px and above. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, keep in mind that both options offer a secure, encrypted payment environment for your guests. 

If you're interested in activating the feature or have additional questions, please contact us at

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