Messaging Interface

All messages sent can be found in the Messages section of your dashboard. Guests are able to send you a message in three ways;

  • Through the Checkout page of a booking process
  • Via the Questions? Contact us button on the booking page of your experiences
  • As a reply to your own emails.

AnyRoad's messaging interface introduces a number of features.

  • A responsive user experience that also works reliably on the front desk app (currently available for iOS devices).
  • Quick Search through messages using simply your guest's name or email.
  • Instead of deleting, any message can be archived and viewed at any time in the Archived Messages section 
  • Given the choice of marking messages as Read or Unread.
  • All messages referring to a specific booking are threaded into the same group.
  • Details about any given booking are found at your fingertips when referring to that specific booking.

Important Notes: 

  • When guests send a message via the optional additional comment question that guests can add during the Checkout page, this message appears in the Messages as well (including the booking details and email like before). However, it does not trigger an additional email.
  • If you have multi-user accounts activated, you can see which sub-account responded to a message in a thread.
  • Attachments have been temporarily removed from the Messaging Interface.
  • The character limit in Messages in AnyRoad is 35000 characters for the website Dashboard and 500 characters when you send emails via an iOS device.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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