Digital Tickets, QR Codes & Apple Wallet Support

Digital Tickets with QR Codes are one of AnyRoad's exciting features! They're ideal for large events and experiences, where you're expecting a high volume of visitors.

Digital Tickets work for all scheduled experiences and you can choose for which activities you want to activate them. However, please keep in mind that Digital Tickets do not work for Invoices or Custom Bookings.

Visitors who book a tour with Digital Tickets activated will receive a link to access their  Admission Tickets with all confirmation emails, reminders and SMS notifications.

Each Digital Ticket includes a summary of the booking along with a unique QR Code, which your guests can simply show you on a mobile device or if they prefer, they can also easily print it out.

QUICK TIP #1:  If a booking is canceled or past, the QR code shows inactive.

On Apple devices, visitors will also have the option to download an Apple Wallet ticket and save it to their device. These tickets include all the relevant information, as well as additional info on the back-side. 

QUICK TIP #2: Tickets added on Apple Wallet will show up on the device Homescreen on the day of the experience.

To check-in guests using QR codes, you will need to  download and install the AnyRoad iOS app, which is available for iPads on the Apple Store.
If you have any questions about Digital Tickets, QR Codes or how they work with Apple Wallet, please contact us at
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