Enable Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool provided by Google that helps you measure your website traffic and gather vital information about your website visitors.

How to enable Google Analytics

To enable Google Analytics Tracking for your Plugin we'll need your Google Analytics Property ID. 

Log in to your Analytics Account and click the cog icon in the lower left.

When a user journey crosses from your domain to Anyroad's domain, Google Analytics interprets that as the user having been referred by your domain to ours, and Google Analytics creates a new session. To be able to accurately track a single session across multiple domains, you need to add the domains app.anyroad.com, app.anyguide.com, and integrations.anyroad.com to the referral exclusion list.

Although not required, it is highly recommended to enable Enhanced Ecommerce features for your Properties, as we send metadata about your users' purchasing behavior.

What is tracked

There are multiple types of e-commerce data that are sent: impression data, product data, and action data.

  • Impression Data: represents information about a product that has been viewed.
  • Product  Data:  represents individual experiences that were viewed, etc.
  • Action Data: represents information about an e-commerce-related action that has taken place.

Impression & Product Data are sent when a customer is just browsing through your experiences. Only when a customer completes a transaction is Action Data (a Purchase Event) sent to your Google Analytics Account that includes the total value of the experience, the currency used, the unique ID of the experience as well as the unique ID of the transaction and the experience Name.

All of your data can be found in your Google Analytics' Enhanced Ecommerce Report

Using UTM parameters when linking directly to an Experience

Please read How to correctly use UTM Parameters with your Plugin

If you wish to use an Analytics Solution we do not natively support please send the required information and/or scripts our way.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.

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