Enable Google AdWords Tracking

Required Information

AdWords conversion tracking shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads – whether they purchased an experience.

To enable Google Adwords Tracking for your account you'll need to supply the required AdWords Conversion ID and Conversion ID

Log in to your Adwords Account and click the wrench icon on the top left.

  • Either select a conversion action you have previously setup or create a new conversion action
  • Make sure to set: Use different values for each conversion to accurately track purchases
  • When prompted to select a Tag Setup option, choose: Install the tag yourself
  • There you'll find your Account ID (AW-123456789) and Conversion ID (3gteCSWG5n2QlrvBmgZ)

What is tracked

When a customer completes a transaction, we notify your Google Adwords Conversion about it and include the total value of the experience, the currency used and the unique ID of the transaction.

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