Available Experience Settings

There are a lot of useful experience settings that you can edit via your AnyRoad Dashboard. A very useful one is that you can select if you want your guests' booking requests to be automatically accepted or not. You can also select how many days or minutes before an experience a guest can make a booking.

Here is how you can edit your experiences: 

  1. Login to your AnyRoad Account
  2. Click on "Experiences"
  3. Click on "Edit

You will see five tabs on the left, which help you navigate through your experience setup. Click on the tab" Advanced Settings". 

Advanced settings is made up of two features: Booking Preferences and Email Customizations.  

Under the Booking Preferences tab, you can find two sections: Booking Confirmation and Online Booking Window.

  • In Booking Confirmation you have the option to make your bookings automatically or manually accepted. When you have this setting as "Accept booking automatically", the booking is confirmed the moment your guests make a booking request on your page. If this is set as "Review request before accepting or rejecting", once the guests make a booking, their booking request remains pending until you accept or reject it. Here you can see more information on how to accept booking requests.

  • Under "Online Booking Window" you can select the time-frame during which an experience can be booked. The Look-ahead shows how early the experience can be booked. Keep in mind that Unlimited is 365 days before the experience., which is the earliest a booking can be made online.
    On the next part, you see the option "Can be booked the same day": 
  1. If you select "No" then it doesn't allow same-day bookings. The next option is in days (how many days before the experience), with 1 day meaning cutoff at 12pm the day before the experience.
  2. If you select "Yes" then it allows even same day bookings. The next option is in minutes (how much time ahead of the experience, you allow bookings).In the Booking Confirmation

After any changes, please make sure to click on Save, so that they appear on the live experience page.

In the Email Customizations tab, you can find a text box where custom content can be added. This content will be displayed on all guest Confirmation and Reminder emails for that experience. The custom content can include formatted text, bullet points or numbered items, links, and images.

In Advanced Settings there can also be a third sub-tab, "Resources". You can find more information on Resources and how to enable them here.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.

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