Available Experience Settings

We’re excited to announce that now your experiences can be customized even further via your AnyRoad Dashboard! 

Along with other useful settings, you can now select if you want your tours to be automatically accepted when a new booking request is made. You can also now select how much time you need between the time a booking is requested and the time it is scheduled to start, whether that's days or minutes before the activity begins.

Here is how it works: 

  1. Login to your AnyRoad Account
  2. Click on "Tours"
  3. Click on "Edit Tour

You'll see four tabs on the left, which help you navigate through your tour setup. Now, there's a new, fifth tab added there named " Advanced Settings". 

Advanced Settings includes two sub-tabs - Booking Preferences and Email Customizations

Under the Booking Preferences tab, you can find an option to make your bookings manually or automatically accepted and you can also select the timeframe during which a tour can be booked. 

Under the Email Customizations tab, you can find a text box where custom content can be added. This content will be displayed on all guest Confirmation and Reminder emails for that experience. The custom content can include formatted text, bullet points or numbered items, links, and images. 

We hope these new features bring you, even more, control over your tour setup! We're looking forward to hearing any feedback you may have or questions about how any of the above settings work. 

Feel free to contact us 24/7 on support@anyroad.com with questions or reach out to your Account Manager to schedule a training. 

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