Multilingual Booking Plugin

AnyRoad supports full end-to-end language translation, in Spanish, French (Canadian), German, Japanese and Swedish.

Activating this feature will make a language drop-down appear in the top right of a Plugin header, to allow your guests to change languages.

Once this feature is enabled the entire checkout experience, emails and ticket pages will be accurately translated into the corresponding language. 

If you would like to add a language to your AnyRoad Plugin, please contact us at or reach out directly to your Account Manager. In order to add an extra language, please include the following information for that language:

  • Tour Title & Subtitle
  • Tour Description
  • Add-on Titles & Descriptions (if enabled)
  • Checkout Questions, Options & Subtexts (if enabled)
  • Custom Email Text (if enabled)
  • Custom Cancellation Policy (if enabled)
  • Custom Sold-Out Text (if enabled)
  • Any Custom Categories, Sub-Categories or Descriptions for Filters (if enabled)

Please note that when this feature is enabled, guests also have the ability to change the language on the Tour Listing page (the page where all available experiences are listed, in the AnyRoad Plugin).

As such, if you include the Tour Listing page on your website, be aware that all experiences need to have the corresponding translated description, title, etc. If translations are not provided for these texts, English will still appear in those fields, even though the hard-coded parts of the plugin will still be translated in the selected language (buttons, information from "At a Glance" section, checkout page, etc).

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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