Front Desk Settings

AnyRoad Front Desk brings the power and efficiency of the AnyRoad Dashboard to your reception desk. You can now easily capture bookings and payments for walk-ins, manage your daily schedule, and communicate with guests, all from your iPad.

Configuring your settings on your Front Desk is quick and straightforward. 

Here is an overview of the adjustable settings: 

Automatic Check-ins

Enabling this setting will automatically check-in all guests for same-day bookings. You can read more about Guest Check-Ins here.

Require Name and Email Address

Enabling this setting will require a guest's name and email address to complete a booking.

Allow Unpaid Bookings

Enabling unpaid bookings will allow your team to take bookings without taking payment for the experience.

Allow Bookings Outside Schedule

Enabling this setting will allow bookings to be made outside of your pre-scheduled dates and start times.

Require Location

Enabling this setting will require a response to the guest's location field to complete the booking.

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