WiFi Connection Issues with Verifone Card Reader

It is essential that the Verifone Card Reader (Terminal) is connected to the internet in order to successfully complete transactions. The Card Reader can also be connected via mobile data if there is a sim card present and not only through wifi.

In the event that there is an issue with the WiFi connection while using the Terminal, please try the following steps to re-establish the Internet connection:

  1. Restart the Terminal. 
    • Press and hold the Cancel key (red x button) for 5 - 20 seconds or until the display turns off. 
    • Press and hold the Confirm key (green circle button) until the display turns on. 

    Note that the battery needs to be charged sufficiently for the Terminal to work properly. 

  2. Remove saved Network. 
    • Press 9 and the green circle button simultaneously. 
    • On the Terminal, press 9 and then the Confirm key to access the Admin menu. 

    • Select Network, in the options section.  

    • Select option 2.Wi-Fi

    • Tap on your current Wi-Fi name and choose to Forget. 

    • Once the Wi-Fi network is erased, try to reconnect the reader to the network again .
  3. DHCP must be turned on. 
    • Press 9 and the green circle button simultaneously. 
    • Enter the admin PIN and go to Network. 
    • Select the WiFi network and tap on IP settings. 
    • On the top of the screen is the Use DHCP option, make sure the tick box is ticked (activated). If it is not, either turn it on or make sure that the IP address of the Terminal matches one of the routers.
    • If you still cannot connect to your normal wifi network, try connecting to a mobile hotspot to verify whether the issue is with reader or the local network. 

  4. Connect the Terminal to a mobile hotspot. 
    • Create a mobile hotspot from a mobile phone. 
    • Enter the Admin PIN code (9119) and press the green button. 
    • Select Network 
    • Tap on 2.WiFi.
    • Choose 2.Scan Networks. 

    • Select the mobile hotspot you created and enter the requested password. 
    • Monitor the Internet connection and if everything works correctly, then the issue is with the Wi-Fi Network.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Experience Team at support@anyroad.com.

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