Cash Drawer CD3-1616

The CD3-1616 Cash Drawer works with the Star Printer TSP100III to process all your transaction needs. Please note that in order for the CD3-1616 Cash Drawer to function automatically (to automatically open every time a receipt is printed), it needs to be connected to the Star Printer TSP100III.

Setting up the Cash Drawer

  1. Connect the Cash Drawer cable to your TSP100III Printer.
  2. Select the AnyRoad FrontDesk app on the iPad.
  3. Click the Navigation Menu button at the top left of the screen.

  4. Select the Settings option at the bottom left of the screen.

  5. Click on the Hardware option.

  6. Select the Cash Drawer option.

  7. Enable the Cash Drawer Management Toggle Switch.

  8. You can set your Default Starting Cash, the default amount to appear when opening the Cash Drawer. Tap on the Open Cash Drawer button to test that your drawer is working.

  9. By selecting Cash Drawer from the Navigation Menu you will be able to view the Drawer History and the Drawer Details.


Drawer History A history of the performed transactions
Drawer Details Include: Starting cash, Sales, Adjustments, Cancellations, Paid In/ Out
Pay In Records incoming amount along with a description
Pay Out  Records outgoing amount along with a description
Starting Cash The amount of cash at the start of the shift
Cash Sales Incoming amount from walk-in bookings
Cash Adjustments Additions or subtractions due to booking edits
Cash Cancellations Subtractions due to booking cancellations
Paid In/Out Manual adjustment to the amount from the respected buttons
End Drawer Closes the drawer and displayed a summary of all transactions made during the day

Please bear in mind that all cash drawer history is stored locally on the iPad and will be deleted if you uninstall the FrontDesk app from the iPad. If you need the transactions, it is strongly recommended you keep a backup on a different device (e.g. P.C.).

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