Setting Up and Using FrontDesk

You might already know or have already used AnyRoad's iPad app, known as FrontDesk, which allows you and your Team to check-in guests, send messages, take payments, and manage your bookings.

As long as you have a stable internet connection (wifi, ethernet, phone tethering) you can download the AnyRoad FrontDesk app from the Apple App Store for free, and start using it right away with very minimal setup required. 

Click here to learn more about the available  FrontDesk Settings

FrontDesk Preview & Available Features

All screens within the FrontDesk app are dynamic, meaning that if you update the # of guests on a booking, the total cost will update appropriately as well. 

FrontDesk is a great tool to use when you have guests walking in, and you would like to capture their details and either process a payment or simply record the booking for your reports and data analysis. 

By clicking on the "Total" button you'll be able to select your guest's payment type and proceed to completing their booking. 

Just like Online Bookings, you'll still be able to use Promo Codes, if your guests have one, or edit the tour's Private Notes (not visible to guests, but shown on bookings & tour manifest). 

If you provide your guest's contact email, AnyRoad will email them a receipt for their reservation. 

Just like the AnyRoad Desktop app, FrontDesk gives you access to your Messages, Bookings, Calendar and more! 

Here's a sneak preview of how your Bookings are displayed on FrontDesk:

Through the Bookings tab, you can easily add new bookings using the "+" button, search for booked or requested tours and view the associated booking details, download or print a complete booking Manifest per tour, preview your Private Notes, edit bookings (change the guest name/email, add more guests, etc), cancel a booking and even issue a refund to your guests. 

For more information related to the setup of our FrontDesk Hardware,  click here. If you still have questions on the assembly and installation of the hardware, the short following tutorials might help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does FrontDesk work on other devices, such as Android tablets?

No, currently the AnyRoad iPad app only works on iOS. 

2. Are there any limitations to shipping the AnyRoad Hardware to other countries outside the US? 

No, AnyRoad's Hardware can be shipped anywhere in the world. However, we recommend contacting your local Custom's office prior to purchasing and ordering the Hardware, as there might be local import taxes applied.

3. Is there a way for me to test FrontDesk before ordering any Hardware? 

Of course! You can download the AnyRoad FrontDesk app from the Apple App Store for free and test or use it was much as you'd like, without requiring any Hardware upgrades. 

4. Can I use FrontDesk for selling only merchandise, without offering any tours or other experiences? 

We do not recommend using FrontDesk for merchandise-focused sales. The AnyRoad FrontDesk was built for tours, activities and experiences, however, as long as the currently offered functionality fits your required standards for selling merchandise you can use FrontDesk for merchandise as well. 

5. Are there any costs associated with using Front Desk? 

AnyRoad's FrontDesk iOS app is available on the Apple App Store for no additional charge. Please, note that all administrative fees associated with your AnyRoad account will apply on all bookings paid in cash or credit/debit card, recorded using FrontDesk. 

Visit the following link to order your Hardware and start leveraging the amazing data that comes out of the experiences you:

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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