Assigning Resources

AnyRoad's Resources feature allows you to assign resources to experiences. Resources refer to guides or instructors and not things like vans, rooms, etc, and can be assigned to all the slots of an experience or specific ones.

Resources allow you to:
  • Add a roster of instructors or guides and manage them in your Dashboard
  • Assign instructors/guides to experiences and bookings
  • Show assigned resource/guide to guests at the time of booking

To activate Resources, please, contact your Account Manager or AnyRoad's Customer Experience Team at

Adding A New Resource

Once the Resources feature has been activated for your account, you will see the tab Resources in your Dashboard.

You will need to click on + New Resource on the top right corner of your screen in order to add a new Resource.

When doing so, the only mandatory field to fill in is the Name. However, you can also include additional info, such as Bio and Photo which are required if you are planning on showing the selected resource on guest checkout. You also have the option to enable Portal access for this resource.

If you enable the resource portal access, you will see a Resource Portal link on their profile once you have set up and Saved their profile. Find out more information about the Resource Portal.

Assigning A Resource To An Experience

It is simple to assign a Resource to one of your Experiences. 
  1. Navigate to your Experiences tab in the Dashboard. 
  2. Click on Edit under the experience you would like to assign the Resource to
  3. Click on Advanced Settings on the left side of the screen.
  4. Go to Resources and click on + Add.   
  5. You can select a Resource to assign to the Experience from the list or search for the Resource of your choice. You can select one or more Resources for the same experience.

    If you choose only one Resource, you have the option to either assign this resource to all the slots of this experience automatically or to manually assign the resource to individual time slots.


    If you choose more than one Resouce for the same Experience, it is automatically set to the second option and you need to manually assign each resource to the slots you want.


    In order to manually assign a Resource to a time slot during an experience, you need to go to your Bookings tab and make sure you choose Showing on Calendar.    

Then, choose the slot you want to assign the Resource. 

You can then click on Assign a Resource and choose the name of the one you would like to assign to this slot.    


Important note: Currently you can add only one resource to each slot, therefore you cannot assign multiple resources to the same one.

After you assign a Resource to an Experience, you will be able to see that Resource under the name of the Experience in the Experiences tab.    


Also, you will also be able to see that Resource on a booking slot or booking details page and edit it whenever necessary. 


If a Resource is assigned to an Experience, and you collect NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback, guests can also rate their Resource on a scale of 1-5 stars. You will see this rating and the Resource's name in the Feedback channel of your Dashboard. Visit here to find more information on Resource Rating.

Keep in mind that if you change a Resource on an Experience level, it will apply to all future and in-progress bookings but will not change past bookings.
Once you assign a Resource, there is an option to show your guests the Resource information on your booking pages, as in the example below. You need to contact AnyRoad's Customer Experience Team ( if you would like to turn this visibility on:           

Important Note: Resources do not receive emails for every new booking they have for their experiences. They receive an email reminder and an SMS reminder for their experiences 24 hours before the scheduled slot. If you would like to set this up, please, contact your Account Manager or AnyRoad's Customer Experience Team at

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at
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