Assigning Resources

AnyRoad's Resources feature allows partners to assign resources to experiences. Currently, Resources only refers to guides or instructors and not things like vans, rooms, etc.

Resources allow you to:
  • Add a roster of instructors or guides and manage them in your Dashboard
  • Assign instructors/guides to experiences and bookings
  • Show assigned resource/guide to guests at the time of booking

Adding A New Resource

When adding a new Resource via your Dashboard, the only mandatory fields are Name and Email. However, you can also include additional info, such as Bio and Photo which are required if you're planning on showing the selected resource on guest checkout. 

Once you create a Resource, you will see a Booking Manifest link on their profile. You can share this with a Resource so they can see a list of upcoming bookings to which they are assigned.

Assigning A Resource To An Experience

To activate Resources, please, contact your Account Manager or AnyRoad's Customer Experience Team as this feature is only available on Enterprise Plans
Once activated on your account, it's super simple to assign a Resource to one of your Experiences. You simply need to navigate to your " Experiences" tab in the Dashboard > click " Edit" > go to " Advanced Settings" > and select " Assign Resources". 

You can select a Resource to assign to the experience from the list or search for the Resource of your choice. Currently, you can only assign one resource per experience.

After you assign a Resource to an Experience, you will be able to see that Resource on a booking slot or booking details page, but you won't be able to change it. At the moment, you can only change Resources on an Experience level (as outlined above). 
If a Resource is assigned to an Experience, and you collect NPS feedback, Guests can also rate their Resource on a scale of 1-5 stars. You will see this rating and the Resource's name in the Feedback channel of your Dashboard. 

Keep in mind that if you change a Resource on an Experience level, it will apply to all future and in progress bookings but won’t change past bookings.
Once you assign a Resource, there is an option to show your guests the Resource information on your booking pages, as in the example below. Please contact us if you'd like to turn this visibility on:

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Account Manager or email our Support Team at

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