AnyRoad's Affiliates feature enables you to add any partners you may have referring guests to you and associate them with your bookings.

For example, certain hotels might refer guests to you and you might want to add a booking for these guests and also associate it with that particular hotel. You can do so using our Affiliates feature! 

The Affiliate feature allows you to

  • Set up new affiliates and add information and settings for them (such as receiving email confirmations)
  • See all affiliates and bookings associated with them
  • Add bookings and associate them with affiliates
  • See which affiliates are associated with existing bookings

When the Affiliates feature is activated on your account, you will see a new tab on your Dashboard named Affiliates.

You will be able to see all added Affiliates, including their associated bookings, as well as add new ones, filter by Active or Passive and search for existing ones: 

To set up new Affiliates and allow them to receive booking notifications, simply click on the Affiliates tab on your Dashboard and then select the + New Affiliate button. 

Just make sure you are viewing the Accounts tab instead of the Bookings tab, which will show you bookings currently associated with Affiliates.

Below is the form that will pop-up. This is where you can add new Affiliates' personal details and contact info:  

When you assign an Affiliate to a booking, you are able to see all bookings associated with their account, as well as view upcoming or past experiences and filter bookings by Affiliate name. 

From here, you can also click on bookings associated with that Affiliate or add new bookings.

All bookings associated with an Affiliate will show that Affiliate's name on the Booking details pages: 

To add an Affiliate to a booking, just click on the + New Booking button and you will see a drop-down allowing you to select the corresponding affiliate. 

If you are interested in tracking your Affiliates, you are able to do so via your Detailed Revenue Report which can be found under the Insights & Reports tab, on your AnyRoad Dashboard. 

Simply click the Select button, specify your preferred Time Range and Experience and export the data. Once you open the report, you will notice a new column named Affiliate Name, which helps you sort through your assigned Affiliates. 

Here is how you can download your reports.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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