The Locations feature is built primarily for retail users or partners that offer their experiences in many locations.

Locations allow you to:

  • Display a pre-set list of locations where your experiences are offered
  • Group those locations into a hierarchy for management and reporting
  • Assign any Experience to these locations
Note: Multi-user roles currently do not take into account locations, meaning that every user associated with an account has access to every location.
A Location is defined as an individual place (e.g. a store) and all the associated properties for that place. You can have as many levels of location groups as you want (e.g district and zone). 
If the Locations feature is enabled on your account when you set up any new experience, the location field will force you to choose a set location pre-defined for your account instead of inputting a Google maps location.

You will be able to preview all Locations assigned to an Experience via your Dashboard, by clicking on the Experiences tab. Under the name of each experience, you will see its location.

If Locations are enabled, you will able be able to filter your Experiences based on a location from the experience list. You can filter by Location name, District, or Zone.

On your guests' end, Locations show up just like other Google entered locations on guest checkout, but have more detail now. Also, at the bottom of the page, a map still appears to show the precise location where your experience will take place.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.
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