Salesforce Marketing Integration

Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP), also known as Krux, is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and helps users capture, analyze, and use data to strengthen guest relationships across a number of touchpoints.

Salesforce DMP can be integrated on AnyRoad's guest checkout pages in the form of a pixel and allow you to start collecting a number of guest and experience data points. Salesforce DMP combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to define audience segments and help users launch targeted Marketing campaigns with online ads through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Every time a guest checks out or submits feedback, the pixel will record and pass that guest’s device cookie to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, with some associated guest info. You can then retarget that device cookie, meaning the guest, through your Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

You can record the following guest data points in your Salesforce DMP: 

  • Guest Email
  • Guest State
  • Guest City
  • Booking Date
  • Experience Date
  • Experience Name
  • Experience Location
  • Guest Gender
  • NPS Pre-Visit
  • NPS Post-Visit
  • Purchase Behavior Pre-Visit

The Salesforce DMP pixel allows you to tailor the type of data you capture based on your company goals and marketing efforts. 

Some examples include: 

  1. Capturing visitor data
  2. Tracking users through multiple sessions by using cookies
  3. Integrating and tracking third-party content such as video players, ads, or social media widgets

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