Setting Up On-Demand Experiences

On-demand experiences allow guests to request a booking for any date and time, as long as that slot is available. Additionally, if you operate at multiple locations, guests can select the location of their preference.

Instead of creating a preset schedule, On-demand Experiences show all available times and dates throughout your preferred locations. An available time slot is one where no other experiences have already been scheduled or booked at that location at that same time. 

To create On-demand Experiences you will first need to define the different types of events you offer, such as Classes, Corporate Events, or Birthday Parties. You can enable multiple different custom types of On-demand Experiences in your account and every time you want to create a new event you will be able to select one of these types. You can contact your Account Manager or our Customer Experience team to activate this setting on your account. 

Once that is implemented, you can publish On-demand Experiences at any time from your AnyRoad Dashboard. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your AnyRoad account (you will need the necessary level of access for creating experiences)
  2. Go to the Experiences tab
  3. Click on the + Create New button (at the top right-hand corner)
  4. Select the type of experience you are creating
  5. Provide a name for this experience
  6. Select the location for this experience

  7. Select whether it is an on-demand experience or it will follow a preset schedule in advance

Once you create this experience, click on the 3 Steps to Publish button to complete the process. The system will walk you through the remaining steps, such as describing what is included in this experience in the About section, specifying the minimum and the maximum number of guests required to make a booking, defining the cost and cancellation policy, and adding a few sample photos. 

On the Scheduling tab, you will notice that the selected scheduling type is indicated, and you will not need to set up any dates or times, as preset experiences require.

Keep in mind that Booking Preferences like online booking windows, auto-accept settings, and cut-off rules apply for On-demand Experiences as well.

Once your On-demand Experience is published and visible on your website, guests will be able to create bookings following the same Checkout process as regular experiences, with the addition of being able to select a location of their preference if you offer On-demand Experiences in multiple locations.

For experiences offered in multiple venues, we automatically detect the guest's browser location and pre-fill the location field to their closest available venue. Guests can change that selection at any time and input a different address to check availability or see all available locations within 25 miles, sorted by distance.

When choosing a date and time, the guests will only see the remaining available time slots that are not blocked by other scheduled events or bookings, based on the location chosen. Once selected or booked, no other guest can make a booking at the same time.

Bookings for On-demand Experience trigger the same flow of emails via AnyRoad for you and your guests, including booking confirmations, edit or cancellation notifications, and review emails.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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