Additional Checkout Questions

Additional Checkout Questions allow you to collect custom information from your guests before they book an experience, such as where to pick them up, specify any allergies, or mention other special requirements. 

We currently support the following 7 types: 

  1. Text input: Ask a wide variety of questions to your guests. Answers may include any combination of characters, both short or longer responses are supported.
  2. Date: Collect date-type answers, such as what is the guest's birth date. This type of question also allows you to set a minimum number requirement.
  3. Drop-down list: Ask a closed-ended question that allows guests to choose one answer from a list of choices presented in a drop-down format.
  4. Radio buttons: Ask a question where guests can choose their answer between a pre-defined set of answers.
  5. Multi-select list: Ask a closed-ended question that allows guests to select more than one answer.
  6. Net Promoter Score: Helps you measure how your guests' perception of your brand changed before and after the experience. You can learn more about NPS here
  7. Checkbox: Ask guests to tick a box to confirm agreement with your policy or terms.

Guests will see these additional questions on the checkout page, where they can respond and complete their booking. We recommend adding a maximum of 4 per experience to maximize your response rate since all questions will appear in a single-page survey format (see example above).

Any questions you add can either be required or optional for the guest to respond to, depending on your preferences. This setting allows guests to complete their booking without having to respond to optional checkout questions. 

Keep in mind that if you offer experiences in Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, French/Canadian, or German, the Additional Checkout Questions can be translated accordingly.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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