Experience Pricing Settings

A crucial piece of configuring an experience on AnyRoad has is the ability to set up clear-cut pricing that serves your business needs. 

AnyRoad's standard pricing configurations include: 

  • Pricing per person: a standard price, charged per person
  • Pricing per unit: a standard price, charged per item
  • Pricing per experience: a fixed price for an experience, regardless of the guest group size

AnyRoad offers several pricing customization options to select from, depending on your business type and the type of guests you accommodate. Learn more about the available options below.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing enables brands to adjust the total experience price based on the number of guests in a booking. This setting is useful when the price to attend an experience per person varies depending on a guest's group size.
For example, you might want to offer an experience that costs $20 per person, however, if more than 3 guests booked on the same booking the price would be $15 per person, and if more than 5 guests booked the price would drop down to $10 per person. 
AnyRoad's Tiered Pricing functionality would be an ideal fit for this use case. 
Additionally, the same feature could be used the other way around, where the cost of offering an experience would be $100, meaning to host a cost-effective event you would need 5 or more guests if the price per person was $20. To remedy that and still allow guests in groups smaller than 6 to make a booking, you can set specific pricing if 1-5 guests book. For example, the price for 1 person would be $120, for 2 it would be $60 per person, and so on. 
A side-benefit of using tiered pricing is that it can encourage larger group bookings, by decreasing the price per person. You can click here to preview a live sample experience with tiered pricing.

Variable Pricing

Variable Pricing is useful if you offer different ticket types per age group (e.g. adults, children, teens, seniors) or other special discounts for certain guest categories (e.g. military, students).

Additionally, we can configure variable pricing to include equipment or vehicles that guests could hire, or customize the ticket wording to your preferences. 

Below is a sample application for variable ticket types, by guest age: 

The pricing for each of these ticket types can be adjusted directly on your AnyRoad Account, considering that your user login has the necessary permissions. If so, log in to your Dashboard and then click on Experiences. Click on Edit under the experience which you would like to edit the pricing of and then click on the Pricing tab on the left.

You will be able to add or remove a pricing category here, as well as set different pricing per ticket type. If you would like to create a new ticket type you can contact the AnyRoad Team any time, via email or live chat for assistance. 


Important note: By default, the system detects your guests' location and automatically converts your experience prices to their local currency. However, If you would like your experiences to always be shown in the same currency we can set that up for you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.

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