Pricing Configurations

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing allows you to set the per person or per tour price depending on the number of guests per booking: For 1 person bookings, the price can be at $100 per person (or $100 per experience), when 2 people book the price can be at $60 per person (or $120 per experience), for 3 guests at $40 per person (or $120 per experience), for 4-10 persons at $30 person, and so on.   

Tiered pricing enables you to collect the minimum necessary amount to run the tour, regardless of how many people have booked the tour (1-2 person tours at a minimum price), as well as to encourage larger group bookings by decreasing the per person/ per experience price.  

Check out this experience with tiered pricing to see how it works!

Variable Pricing

Do you offer pricing based on different units like ATVs and motorcycles, or need to customize your pricing for different age groups (adult and kids price)? No problem, you can customize the wording and the price for each unit to fit anything you need. Your guests will be able to book ATVs, SUP, Go-Karts or whatever unit you need it to be.  

Check out this tour with pricing per unit see how it works! 

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