Additional Fees & Taxes

Any special taxes or fees which need to be included in the ticket price can be accommodated. A custom percentage can be added to all your bookings. Multiple VAT's, state taxes, or any other additional fees can also be added.

Additional Tax

Some of your experiences might be subject to Sales Tax. Setting a value adds that tax percentage to the final price of the ticket before the service fee is applied. It also appears on the live booking page in detail so that your guests are aware of what the ticket price is comprised of.
We can enable/disable the tax feature, give it a specific name (Label), set the value % (Percentage), and set whether the lowest price displayed on the experience page will include the tax amount or not. The AnyRoad Service Fee is calculated at the end, onto the total sum of the experience price + tax. 

VAT Settings

Another thing you might need to add is the VAT (Value Added Tax). The VAT can also be included in the price breakdown when downloading reports. 
If you provide us with the VAT percentage, registration number, and address this can also be set up for you. VAT appears only internally for reporting and not on the live booking page. 
Below is an example of how the price is broken down and calculated for guests to see:

Important Note: Please keep in mind that we can set a general VAT percentage for all your experiences or even apply a different VAT to each experience and separate addon as well.  

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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