Star Printer TSP100III - Troubleshooting

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  • Printer does not turn on
  • Cannot connect to the iPad App
  • Receipt is not printed properly
  • Paper Jams
  • Printer cover does not open

  • Printer does not turn on

    1) Check that the power cable is connected properly on the bottom of the printer.

    2) Check that the power cable is properly connected to the mains power supply.

    3) Try a different wall socket.

    4) If available, try a different power cable.

    When properly connected to the power supply, the blue Ready indicator should light up on the front side of the printer.

    Cannot connect to the iPad App 

    1) Make sure that the blue Ready indicator is lit on the printer. If not, please see above.

    2) Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in the iPad settings.

    3) Make sure the printer appears under My Devices and that there is the indication "Connected". If you see "Not Connected", tap on the printer's name to reconnect. If the printer is listed under "Devices", tap on the printer's name to establish the link.  

    4) Make sure the printer is not paired to another device.

    • If the printer is connected to any another device, kindly go to Bluetooth settings >all devices' , and unpair the printer.
    • Once the printer is disconnected from all devices, pair it with the iPad you would like to use.

    Receipt is not printed properly

    1) Is the sheet facing the right direction?

    If a white sheet is being ejected, then it may be possible that the paper roll is set in the opposite direction. Check the direction of the paper roll to make sure that the paper is set correctly. The lead off of the paper should be on the bottom of the printer as you insert it.

    IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if the printer has been in use, the printer head may be hot. Make sure you take the appropriate safety precautions when handling to avoid any possible skin burns.

    2) Does the paper being used adhere to the specifications of the printer?

    As this printer uses thermal printing paper, it will not print on ordinary paper. Also, if there are issues such as printed words being faint, it may be that the paper does not meet the specifications, or the paper has become old and can no longer be used for printing. Check the appropriate paper roll specifications (see printer manual) and make sure the paper used meets the printer's specifications.

    3) Is self-printing working properly?

    Check that self-printing is working properly.

    • Turn off the printer.
    • While pressing the Feed button, turn the power on.
    • Release the Feed button when self-printing has started.

    If self-printing can print properly, then it may be that communication with a host device such as a tablet and PC, has not been established. Check the connection setting of the host device to confirm if wireless LAN settings are properly completed.

    Paper jams

    *Important: When experiencing a paper jam, please do  NOT attempt to forcefully remove the paper from the cutting field to avoid damaging the printer.

    1) Turn off the printer and wait at least 1 minute to allow the header to cool down.

    2) Open print cover.

    3) Gently remove jammed paper. Please check and make sure there are no pieces left. Kindly note that attempting to forcefully remove the paper may damage the product. If you cannot remove the paper without applying pressure, please contact the seller.

    *To avoid any future paper jams, please make sure when replacing the paper roll that the lead off is both straight and aligned with the exit hole. Also, ensure that there is nothing blocking the paper as it exits the printer.

    Printer cover does not open

    If the printer cover does not open even when you press the open lever, it is likely that a paper jam has occurred, and locked the cutter. To release the cutter lock please do the following:

    1) Restart the printer (turn the printer off and then on again). This will release the cutter lock and you should be able to open the cover.

    2) If the lock is still not released, contact Customer Support.

    For further information you can also refer to the Star Printer TSP100III manual.

    **If the Ready and/or Error indicators on the front of the printer are flashing or a different color than blue, or if you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Support Team at or via live chat.**

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