Managing Booking Capacity

When you add an experience from your Dashboard, you can set limits on the number of guests who sign up for it. This allows you to ensure a minimum and a maximum number of guests per booking and per time slot and it helps you avoid overbookings. 

Changing the capacity of an Experience

To change the capacity of an experience you need to first go to the Experiences tab.   


Click on Edit then under the specific experience.    

In the experience itself, you can find the capacity option in the Scheduling tab and you can edit both the Total spots available and the Maximum ones per booking. 

Under Total Spots available you can set a cap on the total number of guests who can book for this experience. You can set a minimum and a maximum number of guests. It is essentially a fixed limit to prevent overbookings for a specific slot.


To edit the Maximum number of guests per booking, you can click on set a limit on how many guests can be added to each individual booking.


You can now set the maximum number of spots that can be booked by guests per booking. 



Changing the capacity of a specific slot

Through your dashboard, you can re-adjust the available spots of a specific time slot based on demand. For example, let's say you already have 14 people signed up for an experience and 15 is the maximum capacity for it. A valued guest contacts you and needs to add 2 more guests to their booking. You can locate the specific slot on the calendar view in the Bookings tab and select it. Then click on Edit next to the Total Capacity to make any adjustments needed.    


By using the symbols  - / + you can increase or decrease the Total Capacity only for that specific time slot.


Make sure you click on Done to ensure your changes are confirmed.

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