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Live online experiences are an excellent way for brands to connect with their guests real-time, via interactive video. They introduce an enormous opportunity to raise brand awareness, generate revenue, and diversify experiential marketing. In addition to that, they empower brands to reach new audiences who might be unable to visit in-person and engage them with rare, high-quality, real-time, enriching content. 

What is AnyRoad atHome?

AnyRoad atHome is our newest product, designed for brands seeking to run online experiential programs. Our solution combines AnyRoad’s product suite with a variety of streaming platforms, such as Zoom, to provide a seamless creator and consumer experience coupled with audience, brand, and performance insights.

We support all types of online experiences that can be run on streaming platforms. Our partners are running everything from fitness, cooking, and craft classes to factory tours and influencer programs. Some examples include:

  • Classes (cocktail-making, home brewing, kids activities, craft projects, and more) 
  • Team Talks (conversations or Q&A sessions with master distillers, members of leadership teams, and local educators)
  • Community Chats (meetups of existing community or guests)
  • Virtual Tours (show guests your brand home, distillation process, and more)

You can determine the type of online experience and content for each event. We recommend interactive video calls, hosted by a representative of your organization or brand. Ideally, topics should be relevant to the experience target audiences, including as little pre-recorded content as possible. 

Click here if you want to learn more about the recommended equipment to host a live online experience, as well as tips and tricks to a successful event. 

Feel free to contact us anytime on with questions or reach out to your Account Manager to get started. 

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