Configuring Online Experiences on AnyRoad

AnyRoad atHome is our newest product, designed for brands seeking to run online experiential programs. Our solution combines AnyRoad’s product suite with a variety of streaming platforms, such as Zoom, to provide a seamless creator and consumer experience coupled with audience, brand, and performance insights.

We support all types of online experiences that can be run on streaming platforms. Our partners are running everything from fitness, cooking, and craft classes to factory tours and influencer programs. Some examples include:
  • Classes (cocktail-making, home brewing, kids activities, craft projects, and more) 
  • Team Talks (conversations or Q&A sessions with master distillers, members of leadership teams, and local educators)
  • Community Chats (meetups of existing community or guests)
  • Virtual Tours (show guests your brand home, distillation process, and more)

Follow the steps outlined below to publish a live online experience through AnyRoad atHome: 

  1. Log in to your AnyRoad account
  2. Go to the Experiences tab
  3. Click on the + Create New button if you want to start configuring an experience from scratch, or request the AnyRoad team to create an Online Experience Template on your account so you can simply duplicate the template when you need to set up a new online experience. 
  4. Here is a sample configuration for a live online experience: 

  5. Once you are done providing a title, description, schedule, and pricing for your live online experience, go to Advanced Settings to customize the guest confirmation email and provide your guests with the link to join the event. Navigate to Email Customizations, where you can write a message that your guests will receive when their booking is confirmed, with additional details and necessary instructions. 
  6. Here is a sample email customization for a live online experience: 

    Make sure you include the Zoom meeting link, the meeting ID, and the password required to attend the event in your guest confirmation email to ensure a smooth experience for your guests. Learn more about scheduling an online experience in Zoom.

  7. Connect with your Account Manager to review the experience settings before publishing the event. 
  8. Mark the experience as Standard when you are ready to start accepting guest bookings. Notice how Experiences offered Online do not require a physical location, but rather display an Online indication. 

Online Experiences are supported in French, German, Spanish, and Swedish. This includes the guest checkout, guest emails, and SMS notifications.

If you would like to set up an experience in a different language, please make sure you have the following information translated into the preferred language: 

  • Online Experience Title & Subtitle
  • Online Experience Description
  • Add-on Titles & Descriptions (if enabled)
  • Checkout Questions, Options & Subtexts (if enabled)
  • Custom Email Text (if enabled)
  • Custom Cancellation Policy (if enabled)
  • Custom Sold-Out Text (if enabled)
  • Any Custom Categories, Sub-Categories, or Descriptions for Filters (if enabled)

If you are interested in exploring how Online Experiences are different than the experiences offered in your brand home, you can find a detailed outline here. Also, find out more information about the recommended equipment to host a live online experience, as well as tips and tricks to a successful event. 

It is always a good idea to deliver experiences that are interactive, unique, and relevant to your target audience. Experiences that are hard to find elsewhere online are more likely to engage guests for the duration of the event. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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