Online Experiences as a Guest

Guests interested in booking a live online experience can do so following the same process as booking any other experience via the AnyRoad plugin on your website. 

The first step is to visit the brand webpage, where the online experience is published. To avoid guest confusion and ease tracking different types of experiences, we recommend adding the word Online in the title of all online experiences offered. In addition, your Account Manager will need to mark the experience as an Online Experience for you. 

Here is a sample live online experience page, viewed as a guest: 

On all Online Experiences, the start time is shown in your scheduled timezone and the guest will see that timezone noted while booking. 

Additionally, the map that is normally at the bottom of the page is removed, since this type of experience is not associated with a physical location. 

After guests sign up through the normal checkout process they see a message confirming their booking, which can be configured to include custom notes, additional instructions, or links.  

Here is a sample confirmation message: 

Guests also receive a confirmation email that shares all the necessary instructions (e.g. items they need or any specific instructions) to attend the experience. Your Account Manager will need to configure the Zoom information for you before your first Live Online Experience. Learn more about configuring guest confirmation emails to your preferences.

Here is a sample confirmation email: 

The confirmation email includes the Acces Experience button. Guests need to click on Access Experience so that they can go to a new page that will include the meeting ID and the password (if there is one) and the Launch button. Guests need to click on the Launch button to automatically open the Zoom meeting. This remains inactive and grayed out and gets activated 3 minutes before the experience.

All signed up guests will also receive a reminder email with the same Zoom information 24 hours before the experience: 

If your guests provided a phone number at the time of booking, they will receive a text message reminder one hour before the experience: 

Please note that guests will need to download Zoom on their computers, tablets, or phones to be able to attend your event. Find out more about the best practices on scheduling online experiences using Zoom.

We recommend creating unique Zoom accounts per experience, as multiple experiences cannot be run simultaneously from the same account. Be cautious when scheduling, if you decide to use the same account for multiple experiences.

Each time you set up a new meeting ID for an experience, use a unique password to maintain security. Recurring experiences should retain the same meeting ID and password week-to-week.

It is essential to start and end your event on time, to ensure a smooth guest experience. We recommend preparing your video software 10–15 minutes before the scheduled start time to test the equipment and prevent technical issues during the live event. You can learn more about the equipment you will need, as well as tips and tricks for successful online experiences. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at

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