Enabling Waitlists on your Experiences

Enabling waitlists can be very helpful when your experiences reach capacity, or when you want to allow guests to sign up for an experience that is not yet scheduled for a specific date. 
  • Sold Out Waitlist: If your experiences are popular and they frequently sell out, or you have a limit on how many guests you can host, you may find this type of waitlist very useful. When your events are full, guests can register on a waiting list, and if a sufficient number of guests cancel their booking, you can contact the registered guests to fill up those empty spots. 
  • Future Date Waitlist: You can also set up waiting lists that allow guests to register their interest in an experience that is not fully scheduled yet. When you iron out the details for the experience, such as the date and time it will take place, you can contact the registered guests with a link to complete their booking.   
Here is an example of an experience with the Waitlist feature activated: 

You can customize the color of your buttons, the font style, as well as the text on the button to your preferences. 
Once guests click on the button, they will be directed to the tour details page, where instead of selecting the number of guests, preferred date and time, they will find a link to sign up for your waitlist. 

Clicking on the link will direct your guests to a form where they can provide their name, contact details, desired dates, or any other information you would like to collect during registration. 

All responses are collected on a sheet that you can easily export and use to contact the guests once spots open up or when you start offering experiences again. 

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Experience team at support@anyroad.com.

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