Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are becoming one of the most popular gift options for people worldwide. Setting up Gift Vouchers via AnyRoad allows your guests to purchase a pre-paid certificate that can be redeemed by the recipient, to book an experience at a later date. 

The recipient of the Gift Voucher can use it at their discretion, as long as that is within the voucher restrictions, such as the validity period. 

There are two delivery options for Gift Certificates:

  1. AnyRoad can email the Gift Certificate to the person purchasing the voucher, to personally deliver to the recipient. 
  2. AnyRoad can send the Gift Certificate directly to the recipient, including a custom message from the person purchasing the voucher. 
When setting up Gift Vouchers, you can create as many experiences as you'd like, or simply choose to offer Gift Vouchers only for your core experiences. You can specify the minimum and the maximum number of guests that can be added per certificate, as well as the price per person. 
Here is an example Gift Voucher page: 

Once the sender selects the experience they would like to purchase a voucher for, they are asked to provide their payment details followed by providing the recipient details and delivery method. 

To personally deliver Gift Certificates, the sender simply needs to leave the recipient's email address field empty. After the purchase is completed, the sender will receive an email with the Gift Certificate and Voucher Code to share with the recipient. 
Alternatively, AnyRoad can send the Gift Certificate to the recipient, as long as their email address is provided. Gift Certificates can also be individually tailored to meet specific requests, such as including a custom message for the recipient. 
Please note that gift certificates take 1-2 business days to generate and be delivered via email.

Feel free to contact us anytime on with questions or reach out to your Account Manager to get started. 

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