Live Online Experience Best Practices for Hosts

Read below for tips, tricks, and best practices you can leverage as a host or co-host of a live online experience. Some of these suggestions are specific to Zoom, our recommended video platform, but most are applicable to any live online video platform. 

Determining your surroundings

It is imperative to set up your surroundings so that they flatter and highlight you, the presenter, and your project or presentation. Make sure you have good lighting, a non-distracting background, and clothing that contrasts nicely with your surroundings. Here are some examples showing what big difference surroundings can make: 

Set the stage for your presentation

Make sure to introduce yourself and the content you will be presenting before you dive into your presentation. It is also helpful to review key controls with your audience. Here is a good example of an introduction: 

Enriching your experience

Make sure your audience stays engaged by enriching your experience with alternate camera angles, screensharing, or a presentation where appropriate. Here is an example of how you could use all three of these elements for an online art class: 

Zoom controls and settings

Take advantage of Zoom's powerful controls and settings to offer a polished, interactive experience to your guests. Here is an overview of some of the key features: 

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